Build Self-Confidence and Charisma the Harvey Specter Way

Build Self-Confidence and Charisma the Harvey Specter Way

MD: If you wonder how to be more confident and increase charisma, we’re here to help you. Here are nine tips on becoming the epitome of confidence and charisma.

Harvey Specter is a character in the television series Suits, which revolves around a law firm that deals with big business cases. Played by Gabriel Macht, Harvey Specter is an extremely successful and high-flying lawyer who is known for his ability to win cases. Fans of the series describe Harvey Specter as having natural charisma and confidence. He is the epitome of the traits that make people like and respect you. In fact, 60% of people are in leadership positions due to confidence and charisma. Some people claim that charismatic personality traits can only be acquired from birth, which is quite dubious. While it is true that some people are charismatic from childhood, such qualities can be learned, mastered, and sharpened. This article outlines how to develop charisma and personal magnetism. Here are nine strategies that can help you build confidence and charisma the Harvey Specter way.

Raise Your Standards Every Day as a Way of Building Confidence

confidence _ raise standards

“It’s going to happen because I’m going to make it happen.”

The way you feel on the inside depends largely on the actions you take every day. Throughout the series, Harvey Specter—an individual who has strong personal magnetism—holds himself to a higher standard compared to his peers. He always expects to win rather than hoping to win. He not only promises success, but he also works toward it and is sure he will achieve it. To have confidence means that you always raise the bar on your requirements and expectations. Success will make you feel more confident.

Feel Free to Express Yourself to Be Self-Confident

“I could agree with you, but then we’d both be wrong.”

Have you ever felt like sharing something with others, yet you chose to stifle it? Have you ever felt like you are trapped inside your head and are unable to articulate what you’re thinking? While coaching is a way of helping you get the confidence to express yourself, just sharing what you think can help you feel more confident and strong. In other words, the more you share your opinions, the more empowered you are likely to feel. Throughout the series, Harvey Specter is a person who always says what is on his mind.

Sit Comfortably and Hold Yourself Upright like Harvey Specter

“You can communicate a lot without talking.”

Whether you are standing, sitting, or walking, your body language says a lot about you. In the show, Harvey Specter always sits comfortably, leaning back in the chair with shoulders squared and arms forward. Even when you find yourself in an awkward conversation, try to maintain a calm posture and look unfazed. Lean forward only when looking to make an offer or as an aggressive move. As in the case of Harvey Specter, such a dramatic shift from a relaxed position to an aggressive stance will startle your opponent and convince them to accept your position. As part of self-esteem building, maintaining the right posture not only improves how you feel about yourself but also makes you look more charismatic and confident to others, too.

Maintain Strong Eye Contact to Have Confidence in Yourself

“You want respect? Look them in the eye.”

Maintaining eye contact is another way to boost confidence. If you want to be confident, then you should look people straight in the eyes. There are instances when Harvey is looking at the person’s forehead or even past the person. Such body language commands respect and is referred to as power gazing. It will make others know that you are serious and can be useful when talking to an opponent or client. However, when with friends, such a direct look may be discomforting, so you should opt for social gazing.

Preparation Helps to Build Self-Esteem

confidence _ preparation

“When I do something, the only thing there’s 0% chance of is me losing.”

In general, life tends to favor the prepared. To build charisma and confidence, you need to plan important things in advance. Harvey, for instance, always prepares well before any court session or meeting. When you have done research and are prepared, you are likely to be more confident. Always prepare as well as you can.

Be Articulate in Your Delivery to Radiate Charm and Charisma

“Don’t raise your voice. Improve your argument.”

Being charismatic and confident requires you to be a good communicator. Harvey understands the importance of verbal communication and uses it well to capture the attention and hearts of his audience. Like Harvey, to pull people to your side and to persuade them to understand and follow your vision, you must be able to share your points clearly. Your audience will not be able to understand your vision if you are not articulate. Charismatic characters know how to express their thoughts regarding important issues.

Being Sensitive in Communication is Critical to Personal Charisma

“Leaders don’t create more followers; they create more leaders.”

Charisma requires that you practice sensitivity when understanding the feelings and emotions of others. Sensitivity also means showing others empathy and compassion. Like Harvey Specter, you ought to be able to detect the other person’s mood and adjust to it. People tend to follow leaders who make them feel important and valued.

Stay Calm under Pressure to Increase Confidence

“Never let the bullshit stress you.”

Harvey is always calm and composed when under pressure. You can also learn this strategy. There are ways to train yourself to keep calm in stressful situations, such as meditation, high-intensity exercise, and cold showers. Confident and charismatic people know how to keep cool while everyone else loses their tempers.

Gain Confidence through Working on Your Appearance

confidence _ appearance

“Money didn’t give me this attitude; the attitude gave me this money.”

Generally, people tend to treat others based on their outward appearance. Throughout the show, Harvey appears well-tailored, his crisp suits demanding respect in every encounter. To some extent, the way we dress tells much about how we see ourselves. Therefore, dressing is a critical element of charismatic body language and feeling confident.

There you have it. Applying these tips in everyday life will help you carry yourself with confidence and be as charismatic and self-assured as Harvey Specter.

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