Brand New Wonder Drug


It alleviates depression, ends anxiety, reverses aging, increases your energy and even has been shown to cure cancer. It’s been used for decades and proven in millions of studies. It can help whatever ails you and is specific to what is needed in any moment. It will turn off the stress response, aid digestion, balance your hormone levels, improve your immune functioning, restore your energy and put spring into your step. Results are immediate and increase over time. It’s also free!

This “Brand New Wonder Drug” is not really a brand; it’s not actually new, and it’s not really a drug. It does, however, have a more powerful effect on every cell in your body than any drug we’ve yet created.

It’s called gratitude, and a form of it has been evident for years in ever major drug study. Every time a placebo is administered (that’s a sugar pill with no active drug ingredients) we reliably see physiological changes in patients that create healing specific to the symptom or disease at hand. A part of this belief process involved with the placebo is a form of gratitude, focusing on the desired outcome and the hope that it will occur.

When you bring your attention to what you are most appreciative of, no matter how bleak your circumstances, you ignite cellular changes within every organ system of your body. This not only has been shown to heal you at the cellular and genetic levels, but initiates changes that go beyond your body and affect others around you. It changes the way your brain perceives things, and alters every action and behavior you engage in.

It’s not just being grateful for big things such as winning the lottery or gaining a spot on the Olympic team. It begins anytime you embrace even the smallest and simplest thoughts of gratitude for anything in your life right now.

You can ignite this response within you right now and feel the difference. Here’s how.

Step 1: Notice right now, where you are, something that you appreciate. Look at it or think of it, and list all the reasons why it is a wonderful thing.

Most of the time we think about all the things we don’t like about our situation, and all the things we want to change, but we do not access the power of gratitude to ignite real changes. For example, let’s say you want to have more fun. You’re working long hours or are doing things that aren’t particularly enjoyable. Instead of complaining about what you don’t want, notice one thing about your situation for which you are grateful. Maybe it’s the fact you have a steady paycheck, or you have weekends totally free. Maybe you are grateful you are healthy and able to physically get to your job every day. Maybe you just notice how grateful you are for the device you are reading this article on right now! It can be something as simple as a pen in your hand to write things down, or a hand in which to hold that pen. Gratitude grows quickly, so start small, but just start!

Step 2: Hold that thought for 17 seconds or more.

It takes about 17 seconds for your brain to acclimate to a new thought pathway. Typically we have the same thoughts, over and over, day after day. However, when you want to feel different or have a new experience, you need to change your brain. Holding new types of thoughts will do that! This generates changes in your brain structure that can be seen on functional brain scans.

Holding a thought of gratitude for 17 seconds trains your brain to a new pattern. From there it will be easier for you to automatically think of other things you appreciate. This is called a “Rampage of Appreciation.” Just think of something you appreciate for 17 seconds or more, then begin to think of something else you also appreciate. Hold that idea for 17 seconds, then look for something else.

At first you have to use your mind-power to get going, but before long, your brain will have entered a new state. You’re exercising your brain and creating new neurological pathways, so keep at it. In time this becomes a habit, and your mind automatically feeds you with a more positive outlook, which has a healing impact on your chemistry and cells.

Step 3: Practice! Do this immediately upon awakening and before going to bed. Set your alarm to do this exercise at least once during the day.

Studies have shown that just 12 minutes a day of this type of brain training creates morphologic changes in your brain structure. That means your brain automatically sends your cells the signals to heal and your brain works better to create the life and health you really want!

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Be well!
-Dr. Kim

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