The Worst Vegetables for Weight Loss

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According to a study, some vegetables may actually be disrupting your weight loss efforts. Discover the main culprits in this post from!

All vegetables are equally healthy, right? WRONG! According to a recent study by Harvard University, not all veggies are good for you, and could actually make you gain weight.

Vegetables are always a key staple to a healthy diet. But, you may be eating the wrong veggies if you’re trying to shed a few pounds. Can you guess which veggie is the main culprit?

If you guessed potatoes, you’re right! Potatoes are a very starchy veggie, and also contain higher glycemic loads than other vegetables, according to the Harvard study. Foods with high glycemic loads tend to spike blood sugar levels and fuel hunger.

Other vegetables the researchers recommend to cut down on are corn and peas, as they also have high glycemic loads. Who knew eating too much of these veggies could actually be a bad thing?

You don’t have to cut these veggies out of your life forever. Just make sure you’re not overloading them on your dinner plate. Think of them more as carbs than as vegetables, and try cutting out bread and pasta if you find one of these vegetables on your plate.

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Source: The Worst Vegetables For Weight Loss, According To A Study

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