What Would It Feel Like To Find A Cure To Have A Good Night Sleep, 8 Days A Week?

Sleep disorders are making it more and more challenging to get a good night’s sleep, which is even more important given today’s busy lifestyles.

The human body needs rest every day to function at its best. It seems everyone is different when it comes to how much sleep is required to do this.

I have tried all the well-known remedies to induce sleep, but they never did work for me.

I could not perform my daily activities efficiently. I was often irritable with other people. The worst part was I did not enjoy any part of my life, day or night. It was affecting all areas of my life. Just this one thing can be devastating to your happiness.

When you have trouble sleeping, one of the best techniques for falling asleep is not counting sheep like we always used to do, but to give yourself a pep talk and visualize your sleeping environment.

Let me explain. When you’re feeling a bit restless, begin saying things to yourself like, “This is such a comfortable bed, these pillows are so soft and perfect for my head and shoulders.” And, “This mattress is just so comfortable for my body that I just melt into its shape; these sheets are so warm and cozy, and I just wrap myself around them. I feel completely secure.”

The next thing you know, you will wake up in the morning. You must perform exactly the same procedure every single night without interruption. Otherwise, it will not work for you. The above technique is very effective regardless of whether you are trying to fall sleep or if you wake up during the night and cannot go back to sleep.

I have slept between seven and eight hours a night now for quite a few years, and I must say I have enough energy to fulfill my day adequately. The trick is to fall asleep and wake up at the same time every day. Then your body knows when it is time to rest and when it is time for play.

If you need to do extra work, you can count to ten very slowly. Then once you reach ten you can go back to one and start all over again. You see, what you are actually doing is twofold: First, you are beginning the sleeping process by preparing your mind and body to relax and get comfortable for a good night’s sleep. Second, you are stopping your “chit chat” from entering your mind with wandering thoughts that keep you awake.

You see, if you have your mind thinking about unresolved stuff at bedtime, then you may as well implement your own “chit chat” that induces sleep. And it works every single time. Once this becomes routine, you will have created a habitual behavior so your mind and body automatically fall into sleep mode. In fact, you will often fall asleep within five to ten minutes of sliding into bed.

This becomes such a relief. I can remember years ago when I was having great difficulty even getting four hours of sleep a night. I do not wish to revisit that period in my life for anything, because sleep deprivation can be the worst feeling anyone can have.

People do not realize it is very important to have mental as well as physical relaxation to have complete stress management under control. The trouble is most people approach rest as relaxing your muscles. Yet you experience stress, especially emotions, mostly in your mind.

Physical relaxation alone is unlikely to be enough to help anyone with a stress problem. Tension can build up in the body as well as in the mind. It is my belief that the main reason people these days are sleep deprived, is they only calm the body and not the mind. For instance, they assume when they are sitting in front of the television set that they are relaxing after a hard day’s work. Their body is not moving, but their mind is still active in transmitting what the eyes are receiving.

There is no greater feeling than when you quiet the mind together with the body; your whole being is in a motionless state inside and out. You can revitalize yourself in a powerful way that you can’t even begin to imagine.

The mistake people make is they assume that when they are asleep, their mind is resting with their body. But the truth is unless we consciously calm the mind, it will continue to be active even when we are asleep.

We are all aware of the known fact that we dream. It’s just that some people do not remember their dreams and some do. While we are dreaming, our minds are still active; no wonder sometimes when we’re awake it can feel strange because our bodies have rested but our minds have not. I would strongly encourage you to include the practice of yoga or meditation if you truly want to receive the full benefits of your daily rest.

Even ten minutes a day has the potential to produce incredible results for you, if you just practice it on a daily basis.

Play some relaxation music, meditate to release and let go of all your daily thoughts and activities. You will feel refreshed and de-stressed in only a short period of time.

Make this your number one focus and it also will change other areas of your life in a positive way. Here’s to you and a peaceful night.

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