Truth About Orange Juice

This is shocking information! Ads tell us that it is pure and natural, and almost all of us are buying it. More than 620 million gallons of orange juice are sold per year in the United States, according to market research from Nielsen.
Alissa Hamilton’s book “Squeezed: What You Don’t Know About Orange Juice,” that is planned to come out in May from Yale University Press, reveals all the truth about orange juice.

Consumers have a right to know what they are consuming, Hamilton says, and that is at the heart of her story. Here’s what Alissa says about OJ:

In the process of pasteurizing, juice is heated and stripped of oxygen, a process called deaeration, so it doesn’t oxidize. Then it’s put in huge storage tanks where it can be kept for upwards of a year. It gets stripped of flavor-providing chemicals, which are volatile. When it’s ready for packaging, companies such as Tropicana hire flavor companies such as Firmenich to engineer flavor packs to make it taste fresh. People think not-from-concentrate is a fresher product, but it also sits in storage for quite a long time.

This is just crazy! We are better off just eating a whole orange than a glass of orange juice. It has more fiber, more vitamin C, and it is actually a real orange.

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