Improve Cardiovascular Health Naturally

It is very interesting article. Important information that we all have to know to keep our cardiovascular system healthy. This article made me read nutrition labels more carefully. I never knew that grape seed oil is great baking. Should try it soon.

“The best way to ensure a healthy cardiovascular system is to eliminate unhealthy fats from one’s diet, eat whole foods, and engage in regular aerobic exercise activity. The cardiovascular system is also affected by stress and emotional health, so making an effort to reduce sources of stress is important for a healthy heart. There are many options for taking charge of cardiovascular health in natural, holistic ways that will enable people to lead healthy, active lifestyles. The best course of action is to strive for a healthy heart by making healthy choices before symptoms become apparent. Everyone can maintain a good cardiovascular health in effective, all-natural ways.

Be very careful what kinds of fats and oils are consumed. Olive Oil and Rice Bran Oil are excellent choices for cooking. Sesame Oil and Coconut Oil are good choices for salad dressings. Grape seed Oil is a nice all-purpose oil for baking. Avoid oils made from GMO crops like soybeans, corn, and canola oils.

Be aware that food labels can be misleading. Even if a food product is labeled “Trans Fat Free” it does not necessarily mean that the item does not contain Trans Fats. The government requires all food companies to list Trans Fats on their nutrition labels. Companies can list Trans Fats at 0 grams if the total amount found in one serving is less than 0.5 grams. While this may seem like a small amount, most people eat more than one serving of these kinds of foods. If more than a serving of these foods is consumed, then the Trans Fat amount will quickly add up. To be certain that foods purchased do not contain Trans Fats, read the ingredient list. If there are any ingredients that are either hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated then the food product contains Trans Fats and should be avoided.

Another diet modification that should be made for a healthy cardiovascular system is to eliminate all refined sugars.

When people were compared who had diets high in sugar and diets high in starches, the people who were consuming more refined sugar had blood levels higher in lipids (blood cholesterol, triglycerides) and higher levels of blood glucose and insulin (and higher insulin response). All of these are considered to be undesirable metabolic changes and all contribute to a person’s susceptibility to heart disease and diabetes.

High glucose levels appear to be a significant risk factor for heart disease and stroke. Diabetes is well-recognized to be associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Elevated glucose levels are now well-established risks for future heart attacks and strokes and even death from cardiovascular disease.

New research indicates that blood glucose levels should be considered in the same way as cholesterol levels or blood pressure.

Cayenne has long been used for promoting good cardiovascular health. In fact, years ago hot cayenne tea was even thought to be able to stop a heart attack. Cayenne is a popular supplement for heart health and cayenne tea is effective for improving poor circulation.

If a cayenne formula is selected that is under 40,000 units then the supplement won’t be an unpleasant addition to the diet. For a simple cayenne tea, add a small amount of cayenne to hot water and add in a dash of lemon and honey to taste. Another beneficial use of cayenne is to sprinkle a small amount in one’s socks on a cold winter day to help keep feet warm.”

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