Top 10 Health Benefits Of Dates

Dates are sweet dark brown fruits originating from palm trees. The fruits are known for their high nutritional content i.e. they are excellent sources of essential minerals like calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, sodium, zinc and magnesium. Dates are also rich in vitamins like riboflavin, niacin, folate, thiamine, vitamin A and K. These vitamins and minerals make dates a nutritional powerhouse and offer many health benefits. Let’s dive deeper into the top 10 health benefits of dates.

1. Constipation and intestinal disorders relief

Dates are undoubtedly the most effective laxative foods. This explains why they are highly recommended to people suffering from constipation. Dates are rich in soluble fiber which is essential in triggering healthy bowel movements which in turn relieve constipation symptoms. In regards to intestinal disorders, dates are rich in nicotine which is known to treat many intestinal disorders. The vitamins found in dates also inhibiting the growth of pathological organisms and promote friendly bacteria growth in the intestines.

2. Stronger bones

Dates contain adequate amounts of minerals like copper, magnesium and selenium which are responsible for strengthening bones as well as fighting off bone diseases like osteoporosis. Dates can therefore easily qualify as super foods for strong and healthy bones.

3. Treats anaemia

Dates are rich in iron which makes them an extremely useful supplement for individuals suffering from anaemia. Dates can easily balance out iron deficiencies in the body among anaemic patients improving night blindness as well as increasing the body’s energy levels. This in turn eliminates the sluggishness and fatigue associates with anaemia.

4. Allergy relief

According to recent studies done in the US, over 23 million people suffer from seasonal allergic rhinitis (SAR) which can be treated by organic sulphur compounds. Dates contain organic sulfur which is a very rate element in most of the foods we eat today. Organic sulfur has very many health benefits the most notable being reducing allergic reactions and seasonal allergies.

5. Promotes weight gain

Dates also promote healthy weight gain. This is made possible through their sugars, essential vitamins and proteins. Although most people are interested in losing weight, it is important to maintain a healthy body weight. This is where dates come in. They help underweight individuals gain healthy weight.

6. Boosts energy

Dates are rich in natural sugars like fructose, sucrose and glucose. They are therefore a perfect snack for individuals who need quick energy bursts. Many people including athletes eat dates before training or engaging themselves in activities that require high energy levels.

7. Healthy nervous system

The vitamins present in delicious dates are ideal for boosting nervous system health as well as functionality. Minerals found in dates i.e. potassium also play a crucial role in making the nervous system more responsive by improving the alertness and speed of brain activity.

8. Heart health

Dates also play a crucial part in keeping the heart healthy. This health benefit can be attributed to the fact that dates are rich in potassium which has been proven to reduce risks of heart related diseases/ailments like stroke. Dates have also been proven to reduce cholesterol levels in the body which directly improves heart health by reducing heart attack, stroke and heart disease risks.

9. Boosts sexual health

Numerous studies indicate that dates increase sexual stamina when mixed with goat milk and soaked overnight and then taken in the morning alongside honey and cardamom powder. This mixture has been a very popular tonic for decades thanks to it’s effectiveness in increasing sexual endurance as well as reducing sterility caused by a number of sexual disorders. The role of dates in boosting sexual health can be attributed to flavonoid and estradiol components found in dates. These components have been proven to increase testes size, weight, sperm count as well as motility.

10. Reduces abdominal cancer risk

Some research studies also suggest that dates reduce abdominal cancer risks among individuals in all age groups. This can be attributed to the fact that dates a rich in soluble fiber thus when they are eaten frequently, they tend to reduce intestinal disorder risks which are known to increase abdominal cancer risks. Dates also eliminate harmful pathogens in the digestive system which also reduces abdominal cancer risks.

Wow, I think we showed you a plenty of reason why you should include dates in your diet. Get your date on 🙂 and make sure to share this valuable information with your friends.

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