11 Powerful Health Benefits Of Coconut Water

Most people living in tropical countries will tell you that coconut water is one of the most delicious drinks available in their region. Coconut water is found inside green coconuts and it forms the basis of several delicious mocktails. However, most people prefer drinking coconut water fresh, as it is, because not only does it offer some fantastic benefits, it is also very tasty and quenches thirst better than the calorie-loaded sodas one is used to chugging.

This natural thirst quencher has a range of amazing benefits that will make you stop from reaching for that can of sugary drink and head straight to the tropics where you can find these in plenty. Coconuts grow on coconut palms that are found in abundance in tropical areas such as the Caribbean, Pacific Island, Southern Asia, Florida, Hawaii and South America. The people of these places are blessed to have the coconut palm in their midst because apart from its wonderful fruit, the tree is a source of sustenance to the people in many ways. Nevertheless, we are here concerned about the benefits that coconut water offers to us. Read on and discover.

  • Hydrates the body – In summer especially, it is easy to get dehydrated and as a result, people tend to feel nausea and dizziness and a general lassitude. Drinking coconut water hydrates the body and instantly freshens you up because it contains isotonic salts that replenish the minerals and fluids that the body loses out.

In fact, athletes and those who work out regularly are also advised to drink coconut water because it is a far more superior electrolyte drink containing the right amount of minerals than any sports drink.

Better than Coconut Water? Yes, this drink might be even better!

  • Prevents urinary problems – Drinking coconut water regularly promotes freer flow of urine and any urinary problems that usually cause major discomfort are consequently ironed out. This is because coconut water is a diuretic and increases the flow of urine. Coconut water is helpful especially for those who suffer from polyutra and stangury, some typical urinary ailments.
  • Promotes intestinal health – Most intestinal problems such as digestion or diarrhea occur because of worms in the intestine. You can easily take care of this problem by drinking coconut water with a teaspoon of olive oil for three days. The intestinal worms are killed and there is definitely improved digestion.
  • Helps in breaking kidney stones – Most people suffering from kidney stones will tell you how uncomfortable and painful it can get to pass urine if they have a stone. Drinking coconut water helps in breaking up the kidney stones so that they can pass them out more easily in their urine. Do note that the patients also need to take their regular medications as well.
  • Used for emergency blood transfusions – Odd as it sounds, coconut water is used during transfusions. How? Coconut water is almost identical to blood plasma, and this makes it easy to use for transfusions especially in emergencies. It’s also been used as the IV fluid in similar emergent cases.
  • Keeps away the big, bad diseases – If you thought that coconut water was only good for the above, it might amaze you to learn that the uses of coconut water are more lofty and varied. For instance, it contains monolaurin, which is an antiviral, antibacterial and antiprozoal monoglyceride that can kill viruses such as HIV, Herpes, flu and other pathogenic bacteria.
  • Controls vomiting – Whether it is the after effect of a hangover or as a side effect of another illness such as typhoid or malaria, coconut water helps in stabilizing the stomach and controls vomiting considerably.
  • Prevents heart burn – If you’re tired of popping antacids in your mouth after every meal because you can’t handle the acidity, try sipping on coconut water after the meal instead. Coconut water greatly reduces the acid reflux problem and controls heartburn as well.
  • The right balance – Most sports drinks that promise instant energy are often skewed up when it comes to the balancing of minerals and salts in the drinks. With coconut water however, nature’s hand is evident as it contains just the right amount of potassium, sodium, natural sugars and chloride as compared to some of the sports drinks available in the market.
  • Cosmetic uses – Some people add coconut water to their shower gels or to the bathwater directly because it softens the hair and skin as it is a moisturizer. It can also be added to conditioners or shampoos or mixed with lotion before applying. It’s also the best drink to flush out toxins and give you a wonderful glow. It’s also used as part of cleansing masks for oily skin.
  • Good during pregnancy – Some doctors advise coconut water during pregnancy so that even pregnant mothers can make use of all these benefits provided by coconut water.

It is no wonder that people living in the tropics have such healthy bodies. Easy availability of delicious and nutritious natural drink like coconut water just makes it easier.


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