How To Start Your Day With Food

how to start your day with a food

We all seem to start our day with the same grogginess, a desire for more sleep and the knowledge that no matter how hard we try, eating immediately is not appealing. We typically will hit the snooze button many times, leaving us in a daze, then simultaneously commute and eat a breakfast bar that is too dense and far too high in protein for the desk job to which we are about to succumb. The fact is we need fibre and optimal nutrients for the day. We need something to hold us over that won’t create a lasting hunger throughout the day that leads to overeating and long periods of digestion.

Period of Consumption

Let’s begin with the first principle in setting up your day. Most of us wake up early, eat, head to work, wait until noon, eat, and then end our day waiting until its late and eating again. This usually looks like a 12- to 14-hour window of eating. This tricks your body into spiking your blood sugar, up and down, for a long period of time.

Consider creating an eight-hour window where you can eat intermittently based on hunger. This drive will allow you to eat small portions over a shorter period of time and gradually decrease stomach capacity. You won’t feel as though you are starving, as your body will be using the resources it has, as required.

What are you consuming?

The beginning of your meal cycle is the most important. You can glean some recipe ideas here, with a particular focus on the oatmeal recipes. These are simple, quick and provide a lot of nutritional gain for your body, as well as being good appetite suppressants. You’ll stay full longer and be less tempted to overload yourself with calories. However, all of this is relative to your daily workload. You’ll want to adjust if you will be more active throughout the day, saving the smallest meal until last, but using small snacks such as nuts or berries to satisfy cravings during the day.

Supplementing and Success

One of the biggest challenges is the ‘no cheating’ edict. This means we all have a moment or more when we feel like overeating just once or twice will not really be detrimental to our overall success. If you’d like to understand how to plan this kind of system try this site. Here you can average the amount of calories you’d like to consume and it will generate a list of meals for you based on the amount you’d like to eat during the day. Keep in mind you can eat vegetables, aside from things like potatoes that are chock-full of starch, to help fight the hunger throughout the day and consider these a “free” food.

This challenge of taking control of our bodies is one that troubles most everyone. It can be looked at as simple mind over matter in a lot of ways. There is no simple solution here, other than planning and having a focus. You simply have to do it. There is no simple road, but there is a road we know to be right and as long as we don’t stray we will know where we are going.

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