The DARK Side Of Soy (3 ways it screws up hormones and makes you FATTER)

Over 81% of Americans have been convinced and deceived into believing that soybean oil and other soy products like soy milk, soy patties and tofu is not only healthier option but can also help you burn more belly fat.

Of course the FDA, Hollywood stars following the vegan diet, or maybe even your own doctor want you to believe soy is good.

Unfortunately this is very far from truth! Soy foods actually might be one of the darkest food scams in history.

New studies from independent sources now reveal that soy products can age you faster, increase your belly fat and disrupt your hormones!

Isn’t it crazy?

What’s even more sad, that doctors, nutritionists and health professionals are misinformed and don’t even realize they’ve been misled into recommending potentially dangerous FAT-STORING foods.

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Did you know that 93% of the soy grown in the US has been genetically modified by the food giant Monsanto.

You might be downplaying this like it’s no big deal, but researchers have discovered that the Bt toxin inside GMO soy that’s supposed to repel bugs accumulates inside your gut, slowly leaching TOXIC pesticides into your body.

In fact, latest statistics show this dangerous and fattening toxin can be found in the gut of 93% of pregnant women and 80% of unborn babies

(It’s no wonder GMO foods have been banned from several countries now, even though the FDA does NOTHING about it…)

Nutritionist Shawn Stevenson did an amazing podcast explaining all potential dangers hidden in soy products. If you haven’t seen it, check it out below

Many vegetarians and vegans choose tofu as their protein source. Others opt in for it as they are trying to lose weight. The BIG problem that many are unaware of it that certain soy compounds can damage your thyroid function. On top of that can completely screw up your hormones and as a result will actually make you fatter.

Learn the REAL truth about commercial soy and why it could be making you feel WORSE, while making your waistline bigger.



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