What Your Organs Say About a Midnight Snack

midnight snack

If you are addicted to midnight snacking, it is high time you stop, or at least try stopping. The latest studies prove this habit can inhibit learning and memory formation. Pre-bedtime binging on fatty snacks and sugary colas will affect your liver, kidney and heart. It can’t be stressed enough how big a role fats and sugars play in causing weight gain and health problems.

So how do you wean yourself away from the irresistible urge that comes over you in the dead of the night?

One good idea is setting a timer. Most cravings do not last for more than ten minutes, but if the timer goes off at ten minutes, and you still aren’t feeling better, it’s time to do something about it. But, remember to set the timer for fifteen minutes the next time. Also, watching TV at night can prompt you to munch on something. Ads on TV and boredom often are the cause of this.

Take heart from the fact that you need only a week or so to break this habit. Restrain yourself for a week and you will realize that post-dinner cravings are no longer irresistible or persistent.

Despite all the unhealthy things that happen to your body due to midnight snacking, there is still a way out, so you can have your cake and eat it, too. Healthy options such as fruits and nuts make for great midnight snacks. Munching on heart-healthy options such as low-fat cheeses, fat-free yogurt or cherry tomatoes with hummus will keep your taste buds happy as well as your heart.

To know more, here is what your vital organs have to say about midnight snacking.

A Concise Guide to Staying Healthy – as Told by the Organs

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