Where do you get the Energy?

Where did you get energy

People often say…

“I just wish there were more hours in the day so I could get more done!”

As you already know, 24 hours is all there is! It isn’t more time that people need, it is more energy to use the time they already have and to use that time wisely. It isn’t a time issue, it is a priority issue. My granddaughter is here with us for a month and it is amazing how much more energy I seem to have than she does. She uses her time curled up on the couch, texting, texting, texting …for what purpose?

I hear people tell me they wake up tired just thinking about their list of things to do. Hey, well done for making a list. That is a great starting point and if you stick to the items you can tick them off one by one. But people tell me they run out of energy by mid-morning or definitely by lunch.

As a busy wife and grandmother, owner of my own business, life coach and author, country firefighting volunteer and healthy home cooking devotee, having enough energy to accomplish everything is vital. There’s no way I’m going to get my work done and keep going all day without running out of energy unless I plan it. Taking care of our garden and home, doing things with my husband, preparing healthy meals, finding some time for activities such as staying in touch with family and friends, preparing my seminars, reading, exercise, meditation and prayer all utilize life source.

To be sure you always are functioning at your highest level, maximize the time allocated to the task. Plan ahead and get organized either working to a time schedule by allocating ‘X’ number of hours a day, or a “finish the task” schedule. To make time more productive, keep your energy levels topped up all day by drinking plenty of filtered water and perhaps nibble on a few nuts.

The best way to keep your energy levels topped up is starting the day with a healthy breakfast and planning protein snacks throughout the day. When people “crash” after breakfast or lunch it is because their blood sugar is spiking and then dropping. By eating a healthy breakfast and adding some good fat you will slow down the conversion of carbohydrates into glucose (sugar) in your blood stream, which keeps your blood sugar stable through the day. The “crashing” is eliminated when you eat a meal that has a little carbohydrate and is balanced with enough protein. Take your multivitamins with your meals and you will find the energy will be released and you will accomplish much more.

You probably have experienced feeling tired after eating pasta or bread for lunch. This is called ‘carbs fatigue’. Swap out the “white carbs” for healthier fibre carbs such as quinoa, sweet potatoes or yams and a variety of fruits and vegetables. “White carbs” have little or no nutrition for the body and give that fast “spike” in blood sugar and the inevitable let down.

Energy escalates but just as quickly is gone. This is where you can get mood swings! When the body can’t use all the sugar foods or carbs you feed it at a meal, it simply stores them up as fat for later use. So these ‘white carbs’pastas, cereals, anything made with white flour, really are your enemy if you want to be slim and healthy and full of energy. Avoiding them will pay wonderful energy dividends later.

If you have sat at a desk for awhile, a little stretch or a quick walk will get the blood moving. Just a little exercise or stretching also will increase your metabolism, not only helping you keep the excess pounds off, but giving you a burst of energy as well. You don’t need very much activity to get re-energized and ready to get back to work. Put on some great energetic music and do a bit of a dance as you wait for the kettle to boil for that afternoon cuppa.

Drinking enough water directly affects energy levels. Because your brain is approximately eighty percent water, staying hydrated helps you maintain mental energy. If you are feeling lethargic or have a headache it could be you just need a drink of water or your body needs to flush out the toxins. If you don’t drink enough water, your organs have to work harder. Keep the body cleansed with plenty of soluble and insoluble fibre as a sluggish bowel drains your energy.

Most people enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. But too much caffeine can give you those “spikes,” especially if you have milk and sugar with your coffee or tea. It isn’t about eliminating coffee and tea altogether. Just have a glass of water for each cuppa. Instead of grabbing a chocolate biscuit in the afternoon, go for some raw almonds or walnuts and a piece of fruit, or half a quality protein bar. Just a small amount of healthy proteins such as hard cheese and raw nuts can ensure your blood sugar doesn’t get out of balance every time you snack. In that way you will keep your energy levels balanced for the rest of the afternoon.

Remind yourself why you are doing the task. What is your reward? Stay focused on the joy of the reward rather than the task and you will see firsthand that you do have more than enough hours in each day with enough energy to achieve your dreams.

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