Everything Is Energy!

Everything Is Energy

I love energy healing. Early on in my career of massage and energy healing, I came to the conclusion – “Everything is Energy!”
When my massage career was at its peak, I was always fully booked, sometimes months ahead. Every now and then clients would cancel or just not turn up. Eventually it would click and I would realize the “energies” were not right!

My friend was great at clearing energies. He would clear them and things would return to normal. However, one particular time he had trouble clearing the problem!

I worked in a busy naturopathic clinic located in an old house. My friend could clear my massage room and the office but he said the back of the house was dark and he could not clear it.

Being very frustrated I spoke to many people hoping for a solution. A chiropractor suggested a lady who was proficient in clearing negative energies. She came to my clinic and discovered “spirits” of the people who used to live in the house many years ago. She spoke to them!

There was an old couple and their son. Apparently, they were “waiting” for their other son who didn’t come back from the war. This very talented and gifted lady worked with Jesus. He went and found the son and returned him to the family. They were free to “go to the light,” as they say.

It was a very emotional experience. All the energies were corrected and my massage work was problem-free for a very long time. I was very grateful for this amazing work.

Now that I am working with emotions and other energies, I am even more aware of the underlying energies at work. If there is a physical problem, what is the underlying imbalance of energy? If there is anxiety and depression, what really are the contributing factors?

If you are trying to sell a house or property and it is not selling, that may be due to an energetic block! What if a town is not prospering? My guess is the energies are imbalanced!

I am very excited at the extent of my energy work. It gives people another avenue to unravel the problems in which they are so entwined.

I love the comment by Dr. Oz, the very popular doctor from television, “Energy medicine is the way of the future”!

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