7 Powerful Reasons To Eat Raw

A raw food lifestyle is about getting healthy, boosting our energy, and feeling extremely great. It’s about getting back to a more natural way of life that’s closer to nature. Below are 7 very good reasons for going raw.

# 1. Lose Weight Easily While Eating More Healthy

It’s a fact that going raw will give you a better chance at losing weight than any other diet, because you’re getting more nutrition minus the excess, empty calories! Natural, raw, organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and sprouts pack plenty of nutritients while being lower in calories than non-raw vegan foods.

# 2. Look and Feel Younger Than Your Age

People who adopt a raw food diet begin to feel more youthful and their complexion clears up. Many have gotten “the glow” and look more radiant. In fact, a raw food diet has the ability to rejuvenate and heal the body.

# 3. Improve Your Health and Help Eliminate Chronic Ailments

Many people afflicted with chronic ailments and diseases tend to move naturally toward a more raw diet in order to help their bodies rejuvenate and heal. Our bodies become inefficient as we age and have a harder time utilizing important enzymes that restore bodily functions and help to digest foods. Raw plant foods have an abundance of enzymes in its natural state, so eating more enzyme rich plant foods will help the body to heal and rejuvenate when sick. It has been proven that raw foods aid in proper digestion because of its high fiber and water content!

# 4. Gain More Energy, Clarity and Focus

Many people adopting a raw food diet experience increased amounts of energy. Some seem to gain seemingly unlimited amounts of energy and at the same time don’t require as much sleep. But not only will the body experience more energy, the mind will become more alert and focused, with improved clarity.

# 5. Help The Environment and The Planet

A concern for the planet and its resources is another big factor why people choose to become a raw vegan. With meat alone, more square mileage of land is wasted to feed cattle so that we can have beef and hamburgers! The land would be of more use if it were used to grow crops for us humans instead.

# 6. Clean and Detoxify The Body Naturally

Eating lots of raw fruits and vegetables will help your body naturally detoxify itself. Our bodies are in a constant mode of healing and rejuvenating itself. Of all the foods on the planet, only raw organic wholesome foods will do the best job.

# 7. Beautify Yourself From The Inside Out

Many people put cucumber slices on their eyes, or avocado on their face to improve their complexion. But eating cucumbers and avocados will also help improve and beautify your appearance. Seek out the many raw foodies who are eating a healthy raw vegan diet and they will have a radiance about them. Their “auras” shine and they’ve got that “glow” people associate with the raw food diet, and going raw can truly make you beautiful from the inside out.


Found at http://raw2zen.com/2009/01/7-powerful-reasons-to-eat-raw/

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