Nutritionists Never Order These 4 Foods When Eating Out

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What foods do nutritionists recommend you avoid when you’re eating out? This post from lists 4 foods they never order at restaurants.

People tend to throw away their dieting habits when they’re eating at a restaurant. There are tons of tempting, fattening foods on the menu, and it gets hard to tell which ones will go straight to your thighs or keep you feeling happy and healthy. Well, SHEFinds has a few tips to help you out on your restaurant endeavors! Nutritionists have sworn off these items, and you should too.

1. Oysters

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Eating these is basically asking for food poisoning. According to nutritionist and cooking coach Libby Mills, RDN, raw oysters can carry hepatitis A and bacteria that can cause vomiting and diarrhea, which can be fatal to those with conditions like diabetes. Just because you’re eating at a 5-star restaurant doesn’t mean your chances of getting sick are any lower, as this can happen anywhere with the wrong order of oysters. You’re safest bet is to order them cooked (your stomach will definitely thank you for that).

2. Salads

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Believe it or not, salads can actually make you gain weight when made incorrectly. The real culprit in this item isn’t the leafy greens and veggies, it’s the dressing, according to Christine Gerbstadt, M.D, R.D.

Creamy dressings usually have cheese and butter, and dousing your salad in it can make your salad have as much (if not more) calories than your actual meal. If you want to order a salad, get the dressing on the side and make sure to limit how much you put on.

3. Pasta

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Many people choose to eat pasta because it’s a cheaper menu item that usually comes in huge portions. But is ruining your diet worth saving a few bucks? Although pasta itself isn’t terrible for you when portioned properly, overeating it when it’s smothered in cheese and sauces based with butter and oil will impact your waistline. If you insist on ordering pasta, try eating half at the restaurant and then taking leftovers home for lunch the next day.

4. Olive Oil

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Most of us tend to slather our bread in olive oil and think it’s a healthy pre-dinner snack. However, olive oil actually has more calories than butter per tablespoon. Due to the common misconception that olive oil is perfectly healthy, many people overeat it. Time to lay off of the heavy dosage of carbs and calories.

Source: 4 Foods Nutritionists Never Order At A Restaurant

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