Purifying Water 101

purifying water

The world shortage of clean drinking water is a serious concern. People are trying to live healthier and longer lives. Poor quality drinking water is hindering the health of people across the globe.

Water is an important facet of daily living.  It not only is necessary for hydration, but for many other reasons as well. We need water for bathing, drinking, cooking, and other activities. Livestock, wildlife, aquatic life, and pets need water, too. All lifeforms need good quality water to live healthy lives. And safe water is not the only water crisis in America.

Most areas of the United States have safe drinking water. However, some states are facing another kind of water issue, water scarcity. Public health officials, businesses, hotels, and communities have been on notice. Emergency water restrictions often are announced in certain parts of the country. Residents in some major cities have to monitor their water usage.

Droughts, mainly across the Western states, have contributed to these water issues. Businesses, such as rehab centers in New Mexico, and facilities in other areas of the country may face water scarcity. They might have to monitor their water usage, since finding usable water might be a concern.

Water filters became popular in the 1990s. Technology was becoming mainstream. The average household was able to purchase accessible technology that now could make life easier. The health and wellness industry also was going full-steam. Fast-forward into the 2000s, when living green and eco-conscious became popular. These are some of the aspects that influenced the interest in water quality.

Safe, usable water is a requirement of living a healthy life. The body fuels and renews itself with water. There are options for you and your family that can help you purify water to make it safe to consume.  


Boiling water can kill bacteria and it is an easy purification method. Contaminants such as certain heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, or pesticides may still be present. But, boiling water will decrease the chances of drinking active bacteria.

Adding Iodine or Iodine Tablets

Liquid iodine or iodine tablets are another good way to purify water. Use 5-10 drops of 2 percent tincture liquid iodine as a water treatment. The clearer and warmer the water, the fewer iodine drops the water will require. Iodine-treated water can have an unfavorable taste. The coloring of the water can be off-putting to drink. But it is drinkable. You also can buy iodine tablets or crystals. The water often is drinkable forty minutes after treatment, but be sure to read any instructions that come with iodine.

Caution: People with iodine allergies should not use iodine as a water purifying method. People with those allergies should consult their healthcare professionals before using this water treatment, especially if they are pregnant, have thyroid problems, or have other medical conditions.

Using UV Light Devices

Other advances illustrate how the technology boom still is going strong. According to the Water Research Center, ultraviolet (UV) rays can eliminate germs much like a disinfectant: “UV disinfects water containing bacteria and viruses and can be effective against protozoans like Giardia lamblia, cysts, or Cryptosporidium oocysts.” Giardia lamblia and Cryptosporidium are intestinal parasites that can cause disease.

The use of UV light for water treatment is becoming more popular with the American public, although Europe has more large-scale UV purification plants. On a smaller scale, people can use special lamps or electronic devices to purify their water.

Proponents of UV purification claim the process is much safer than the use of additives such as iodine or chlorine to purify water. UV purification also may be a final step within a larger disinfection process.

Water is a necessity for all life. Issues over natural resources have been an ongoing conversation. The struggle over valuable resources from the Earth goes back centuries. Chief among these concerns is the availability of clean water.

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