Mesquite – Balances Blood Sugar And Supports Bone Health

(BeWellBuzz) A sweet tooth and successful management of diabetes don’t exactly go hand in hand. Isn’t so? Wrong. Mesquite flour, which has a sweet, rich flavor, allows you to satiate your sweet tooth without increasing your risk of diabetes. In fact when used regularly, mesquite flour can help you prevent and manage diabetes better.

What is this mesquite flour? Is it some new superfood unearthed by modern researchers to help the mankind save itself from diabetes?

Wrong again.

Native American population has been using mesquite flour to a good effect for centuries. The general public, however, is only now waking up to, and embracing, this amazing blood sugar stabilizing food. You, too, should consider adding it to your recipes to increase your chances of living a diabetes-free life.

While mesquite flour has become popular only recently, mesquite wood is used ubiquitously in barbecues to add a sweet, woody flavor to food. However, in this form, mesquite does not provide any health benefits. Mesquite flour, on the other hand, offers myriad of health benefits.

What is Mesquite flour and what are its ingredients?

Mesquite flour is derived from the pods of this tree. The bean pods are dried and then grounded into flour, which contains, among others, the following ingredients:

  • Dietary fiber -  The most prominent component of mesquite flour, dietary fiber accounts for approximately 25% of its weight
  • Protein – Mesquite flour is extremely rich in protein, which accounts for 13% of its weight
  • Essential minerals – Mesquite flour is rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, and iron
  • Phytochemicals – It contains the following phytochemicals in high amounts: Quercetin (has excellent antidiabetic properties); Apigenin (exhibits strong antibacterial, antiviral, antiallergenic, and anti-inflammatory properties); Serotonin (an antidepressant); Tryptamine (effective against amoeba parasite); L-Arabinose (an excellent source of sugar); and  Isorhamnetin-3-Diglucoside (good for liver)
  • Lysine – An essential amino acid that the body is incapable of manufacturing on its own, Lysine, or the amino acid lysine, has strong antiviral properties

Another thing great about Mesquite flour is that it is extremely low in fat (about only 3%).

Mesquite flour and diabetes

The following three inherent properties of mesquite flour make it a potent food for prevention and management of diabetes:

  1. Mesquite flour is sweet, but doesn’t contain fructose – The sugar present in mesquite flour is free of fructose, so insulin is not required for breaking and assimilating it into the blood
  2. Mesquite flour contains soluble fibers like galactomannin gum – Presence of soluble fibers prevents the flour from being digested quickly. While flour derived from corn or wheat is digested in 1-2 hours, mesquite flour is digested in about 4-6 hours
  3. Mesquite flour contains Quercetin – An antidiabetic phytochemical, Quercetin boosts the ability of mesquite flour to stabilize blood glucose levels

Overall, mesquite flour prevents spikes in blood sugar levels, something that normal flour and sweeteners cause, so is ideal for prevention and management of diabetes.

Mesquite flour and bone health

Calcium, as you may know, is essential for healthy bones. As mesquite flour is rich in calcium, it supports bone health – another reason why you must add it to your diet.

Recommendations for use

You can use mesquite flour in many ways. For baking cookies, muffins, or other foods, you can use it with other flours. When baking, use 1/4th portion of mesquite flour and 3/4th portion of other flours. This will help you attain the many health benefits associated with mesquite flour and enjoy sweet foods that have low sugar content or are sugar free.

Unlike other flours, mesquite flour can be used in its raw form. You can sprinkle a generous amount of it over your desserts to enhance their sweetness. In addition, you can also use it with your smoothies and shakes. A spoonful of mesquite flour lends a sweet, rich flavor to your smoothies and shakes.

Try these delicious mesquite recipes

Mesquite Vanilla Almond Milk


  • Mesquite powder (1 tablespoon)
  • Vanilla Bean Powder (1/2 teaspoon)
  • Almonds (1 1/2 cup of almonds that have been soaked in water for 6 hours)
  • Celtic Sea salt (1 tablespoon)
  • Water (2 1/2 cups)


Blend all ingredients in the Vitamix blender or similar high-power blender. Serve immediately.

Carrot Cake Patties


  • Three shredded organic carrots
  • Mesquite flour (4 tablespoons)
  • Cinnamon (2 teaspoons)
  • Raw walnuts, grounded (1/3 cup)
  • Manuka Honey (2 tablespoons)
  • Clove (1 pinch)
  • Apple cider vinegar (2 tablespoons)
  • Fresh ginger, minced (1 tablespoon)
  • Raw Virgin Coconut oil (2 tablespoons)


Mix coconut oil, vinegar, and honey with mesquite flour, minced ginger, and other spices. Add shredded carrots and walnuts. Mix them well. Shape the batter into small patties. Place the mixture in your dehydrator. Set the temperature to 105 degrees and let the mixture sit in the dehydrator for about 6-8 hours. You can serve the patties immediately or refrigerate it.



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