Air-Traffic Control to Your Mind, Body & Spirit?

Want to know a sure-fire way to sabotage your mental, physical and even spiritual well-being?

Just mess with your endocrine system.

These glands (which includes the pineal, BTW) are your communication center between your brain and the rest of you. This means if they don’t work right, no matter how healthy and powerful your intentions, your results won’t add up to much.

On the physical level, your endocrine system serves to direct and regulate all sorts of bodily functions. But it’s also directly tied to your brain’s thoughts, attention and information processing, along with the emotional and energy ‘triggers’ this attention creates.

Turns out, your endocrine glands are directly impacted by your focus, thoughts and beliefs. And whether these are ‘good’ beliefs that support your desires, or ‘bad’ beliefs doesn’t really matter. Either way, your endocrine takes what it gets from your thoughts and literally “makes it so” in your body. This is why, if your thoughts are constantly spinning in negativity (focused on mental ‘crap’) what you’ll get is more, well, crap. In other words …

Crap In = Crap Out

Super Important and Super Sensitive

Your endocrine glands are super-influential to your success, health and happiness. They release hormones that influence just about every cell, function and organ of your body. In fact, they’re instrumental in regulating your moods, growth, tissue function, metabolism, and even your sexual function and reproduction.

This system is also super sensitive. What does this mean? Simple: treating it poorly is a formula for failure.

Your Awesome Wake-Up Call!

Before awakening to a higher consciousness, your endocrine system is busy handling the mental and emotional stimuli created by your brain and ego. This is generally a fear-oriented and frequently ‘noisy’ situation which keeps those glands crazy busy just managing stress (any doubt about the connection between stress and disease?) But when you start waking up spiritually, this “central management system” gets to evolve and transform with you.

As you begin your awesome wake-up and shift your attention from ego-based fears and outer world distraction to the calm, self-reflective energies of your higher self, your endocrine system starts receiving the full nourishment of your spiritual body. At this point it can increase its ability to serve you on both a physical and spiritual level.

But it gets better!

This ‘wake-up’ relationship goes both ways. Just as it’s necessary to have a strong, positive intention in order to create exactly what you want in your life, it’s also important to be sure that your key bodily systems function optimally so that they work with your intentions, and not against them.

Feed the Machine

When it’s healthy, your endocrine system lets you thrive. This is why it’s important to take care of both your conscious intentions and your physical well-being simultaneously.

The endocrine system loves to be soothed. This is why it’s important to give it regular doses of TLC and chill-out time, too. Things like sound and healing touch therapies, massage, meditation, yoga, tai-chi or anything that relaxes you, also feeds these air-traffic control, manager glands.

Other ways you can ‘feed the machine’ include the usual suspects: eating whole, organic foods; avoiding fluoride, kicking the stress habit; getting exercise and natural sunlight; and of course, ruling your reality with positive focus and thoughts.

Do these things daily and start rockin your glandular world!

What are you doing to ‘Feed the Machine’ to bring yourself to your optimal, physical and spiritual state. Let us know in the comments below.

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