Healing Spirit, Soul and Body

(BeWellBuzz) If you’re frustrated because of failed efforts to make improvements to your diet, lifestyle, personality, relationships or whatever, it may be that the true culprit is not one thing but a complicated mesh touching all at once in your spirit, soul and body. Emotions, memories, experiences, culture and beliefs may be working invisibly behind the manifestations of unhappiness or illness.

My Manifest Blues

Once upon a time a growing number of years ago I was a wreck. One manifestation of my ever-broken heart was bulimia, alternated occasionally with anorexia (because bulimia made me gain weight- the stuff don’t work).  I lived with a broken heart, constantly trying to fill its gaps with the wrong people, places and things.

The bulimia went on for 8 years. I knew it was tied inextricably to mental, emotional and spiritual habits but, though I searched for the great healing elixir, it evaded me. Even after I stopped binging and purging other bad habits arose. I was addicted to stones and crystals and potions and spells and self-help books, not to mention boyfriends, work, sex, psychedelics and generally self-destruction.

Now, when I tell you that ol’ girl is dead and gone I mean I’m amazed and rejoice every day at how completely I’ve been transformed. I can verily say to you that I am healed.

From one overcomer to the next, this too may pass but won’t heal without shedding the old and taking on the new.

I had to change from the depths to the facade, from the invisible place of belief and thought to the visible surface of my actions, habits and patterns.


I know that we all have different ideas about spiritual things, or whether there even is such a dimension as the spirit realm. Obviously I’m not an atheist, although I did test drive atheism for a time. Truthfully I started having conversations with God before knowing much about churches and religions. I should mention that now that I understand the “true” church I both know and love her. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I submit this to you for your consideration.

Healing Involves Spirit, Soul & Body

I see three parts to the whole human being. Consider it a human “trinity.” No single part can be affected without touching the other two. On the road to healing I had to allow changes in each of these. Here’s what I mean-


By “spirit” I mean the eternal part of us that lives on when the body dies. Spirits are also anciently called “winds” or the “inner-man” (gender-neutral, same as woman).

It’s our inner-man that receives from heaven the blessings of truth, wisdom, revelation, prophecy and intuition. But any of us who’ve lived long enough to see ourselves err know that we’ve received revelations that were true, and others that misled us.

the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Today TV shows abound about spirits, angels, spirit guides and ascended masters. I submit to you that these are real and that there are false spirit guides. Or do we imagine that the spirit realm is as morally “perfect” as the human? Even if you only called them “energetic fields,” it’s close to the same idea. Some places have “good vibes,” others don’t. Why is that?

If our spirits hook up with a false guide we get into a pickle because these guys don’t tell the truth.

And you will know them by their fruits.

I had found that I was giving myself to powers that weren’t of the light. Instead of wisdom and knowledge I received lies, machinations and false hopes. I was led down a path of more and more destruction. Looking back I can see I’d become someone else. It was horrible. I raged and argued and lost everything.

the Truth is a Person

The truth will always set you free…

One day I remembered Native American traditions that revered ‘the Great Spirit.’ I wondered about “Him” (gender neutral). I have a pretty wild story and I’ll spare you the details for now, but through a series of events I discovered there is one great spirit. This one is the eternal Spirit of truth. The Truth is love. He is life. When you drink from His waters you receive His peace. The moment you receive the Spirit of God your spirit is healed.


The soul is a different substance.

I think of the soul as comprised of mind, will and emotions. Even after my spirit received new life I had to unlearn the old negative thoughts and confused beliefs that were embedded in my soul.  I had to replace untruth with truth and start making new choices.

the Lies

My soul was so wounded. I believed that I was worthy of rejection. Expected it. I had more faith for failure than success. My heart was convinced I didn’t belong in this world.

The lies held sway in my heart because the situations I encountered seemed to “tell” me so. To me, failure and rejection were confirmation that I was better off dead. “They” were right and I was wrong. These experiences became “my truth.” But experience is very limited!

It’s like a person who’s never known snow, so insists to an Eskimo in Florida that snow doesn’t exist. Or like a child brought up in an abusive household. He believes that all of life is like that and that he deserves it!

Little do we know that outside the cave of our experience lies a reality greater than we ever dared dream.

Be Transformed by the Renewing of Your Mind

The shortcoming of positive affirmations is that we can convince ourselves of something that’s nice but not real.

A recent study enlisted college students to visualize themselves studying and getting an excellent grade on their exam. The exercise gave them great confidence and they spent far less time studying.

Unfortunately, they flunked the exam.

The students had become brainwashed with a false confidence. What we affirm about ourselves needs to stand on solid truth, or when the storm comes our foundation will be rocked.

I learned to rehearse not just happy thoughts, but the truth in place of the lie. The lie says You’re useless. The truth says You’re a treasure. The lie says it’s impossible. The truth says with God all things are possible.

The Spirit of God will always and only build you up and encourage you. If He gives you correction it will be with loving-kindness and mercy, wisdom and power.

God will not accuse, condemn or shame you. He loves you.

Reject any witchy or hurtful voices in your head, in your heart  or in your life. They’re not God. And if you’re not sure ask Him to make it clear.

What we believe is paramount to the life we live. If we believe a lie, we live according to that lie. But if we believe the truth, we live according to the truth.

The devil is coming and he has nothing in me.

You are loved overwhelmingly by an overwhelming God and there is nothing you can do, good or bad, that will ever change that. Get a hold of this truth and you’ll stress a lot less about what people think, knowing that the King of all kings desires you just as you are.


Today, a newer type of bio-science called Epi-Genetics is gaining traction. Epi-Genetics recognizes the power of mind-over-matter; that we can activate or deactivate genes with conscious thoughts, words and attitudes.

We’re becoming more aware of the invisible forces all around. Scientists know that sound frequencies can affect health.  We can speak to our bodies and command cells to heal, tissues to form. The other day my best friend and I prayed for a man (in Jesus’ name) with an injured shoulder. He was healed!

The body does what the soul commands according to her belief. Our souls can hold seeds of un-wellness; so, sometimes just from doing the mental and emotional work we experience spontaneous healing in our bodies. Other times it takes more of a process. But only ask and Holy Spirit will guide you. Sometimes you just need more sleep.

I pray today that even as you read these words you’d be touched with a mighty and miraculous healing. Let cravings be changed. Addictions fall off. Let healthy desires and habits spring up. May you hear God. Be prosperous in your spirit, soul and body, in the name of Yeshua. Pray and see!

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