This 45-second Movement Strips Fat and Shapes Muscle (at any age)

When it comes to looking and feeling great… do you ever feel like your best days are behind you?

Like you’re too old, over the hill or out of shape to EVER get back that vibrant, energetic feeling of your youth?

Turns out you’re not alone. As we age, it’s easy to get “stuck in a rut” and believe that an unattractive body shape, sagging muscles and feeling of lethargy are just part and parcel of getting old.

Yet, I’m here to tell you…

That’s just not true.

Recent science has uncovered a brand new type of “intelligent” movement that can actually REVERSE the obvious signs of aging and help strip off that frustrating, unwanted fat.

Which makes you look and FEEL younger than your years. Tightens sagging skin. Wipes away fine lines and wrinkles. And injects your body with a lasting surge of energy.

How does it work?

By “tuning in” to what your aging, sluggish metabolism NEEDS.

You see, what may have worked in your 20s or early 30s isn’t going to work anymore.

That’s why a leading physician has created a solution specifically for men and women over 35.

And the good news is… it’s FAR EASIER than anything you’ve ever tried.

Whether you’ve tried CrossFit, those “insane” infomercial workout programs, cardio or even yoga…

You can now get the BEST fat loss results of your life by doing LESS… MUCH less.

It’s called “intelligent” movement and here’s how it works…

The Intelligent Edge #1: Expect Triple The Results…

What do the 3 most popular forms of working out lack?

Let’s take cardio. You can run, spin and jump up and down all you want but cardio burns your muscle as well as fat. Leaving you with droopy skin and flabby muscles. Not a great look.

And then there’s weight training. Sure, it will blow up your muscle but do it incorrectly and you’ll end up looking BULKY. Like some steroid-enhanced freakshow. Probably NOT the goal most women have.

And while Yoga has stress-lowering benefits… it’s simply not designed to burn fat.

So what’s the solution?

Well… what if I told you there is a smart technique that leverages the best parts of ALL 3 of these types of training. And does it in an ultra-short period of time that’s easy to do for anybody at any age?

More on that in just a sec…

The Intelligent Edge #2: Burn Fat For LONGER…

We all know it’s DURING the workout that your fat burns off, right? Wrong.

There is a NEW type of short, sharp workout that burns fat for up to 72 hours afterward.

That’s the core benefit behind “intelligent” movement. And it’s backed up by clever people in white coats…

A study from The Journal Of Strength And Conditioning in 2008 revealed that, compared to traditional workouts, “intelligent” movement can burn up to 10 TIMES MORE FAT.

You read that right. How does it work?

When you perform specific 45-second intelligent movements your body unleashes a flood of metabolic molecules that cause your body to burn fat for days AFTER you workout.

The best part is that this body fat comes directly from the storage tanks located on your mid-section and lower body — precisely where most people gain unwanted padding.

The Intelligent Edge #3: Install Fat-Burning Software Version 2.0…

Here’s a fancy term for you…

Mitochondrial biogenesis.

What the heck does THAT mean? Just that your body creates huge armies of your energy-producing cellular factories called mitochondria.

And intelligent movement EXCELS at this. Plus these new energy cells contribute to tighter and more toned muscles.

In fact, these intelligent workouts have been shown to improve muscle and tone by 82% vs. a regular long, boring workout in that same 2008 study.

It gets even better…

Because your body is now teeming with energy producers… it causes you to burn fat at rest.

That means you are now burning MORE fat all of the time!

When you’re kicking back on the sofa… walking the dog… or fast asleep in bed… your metabolism is revving, breaking up that unwanted fat and burning it for energy at an accelerated rate.

Want to see and feel it happen for yourself? Here’s how…

How You Can Do Intelligent Movement In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

It doesn’t matter how old you are. It doesn’t even matter how out of shape you are. And if you hate going to the gym? Don’t sweat it.

Intelligent movement can be done using your own bodyweight – no gyms, no weights, no equipment required!

And my favorite part… the magic happens when you RELAX.

I know that sounds weird but taking a break is what allows you to ramp up the intensity in order to unleash all-powerful metabolic molecules.

But it’s an intensity that anyone can safely do at any age because its customized to their OWN ability – not what some jacked up fitness trainer on TV thinks you are capable of.

These molecules are what triggers post-workout fat loss… the creation of new internal energy-producing power plants… and… the release of powerful anti-aging biochemicals that rejuvenate your body from the inside out.

The key is to work SMARTER not harder. And that’s exactly what this intelligent movement, otherwise known as Metabolic Rest Training, can do for you…

Read all about it on the next page.

Remember… only 45-seconds is all it takes to kick-start a fat-burning, energy-boosting, age-reversing upgrade.

==> Strip Fat and Tones Muscle at ANY Age with 45 Seconds of This…

Here’s my challenge to you:

Try this intelligent movement out for just 3 sessions. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I GUARANTEE you’ll see and feel the difference. That’s how fast it works. It’s short, easy and FUN. Try it and see…

On the next page you will discover the remarkable, breakthrough science of “intelligent” movement…


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