The Untold Story About Weight Gain

It is no secret that obesity and weight gain have become an ever-growing concern in many countries. There are many philosophies and theories out there on why this has happened. Many of which are incredibly practical and backed by science… and some are not.

If you are someone who is overweight though, you probably don’t care much about the whys and hows… you just want a solution and you want it now. Unfortunately, it has been proven time and again that when you understand the ROOT of an issue, you are more apt to stick with a solution. Which means hand feeding you a solution isn’t always the trick.

You see, when you are educated on what is actually happening in your body, then you can get an action plan in place to remedy the situation. I hate to be the one to break it to you, but there is no quick fix, no magic pill, and no get-skinny fast scheme that will provide long lasting results in regards to weight loss and maintenance.


There is something out there that is better though. It is a real solution that will provide real results. And luckily you have stumbled upon this article, which is going to start shedding some major light on things that you probably had no idea were affecting your weight.

First of all, let us take a look at what the root of most disease really is. STRESS! Yep, that’s right… stress has the ability to take such a negative toll on you, that it can throw your body chemistry off, it can send your digestive system into complete upheaval, and it can even spin your mind out so bad that you can’t recognize which way is up versus down.

It truly is that powerful.

Now, there are many types of stress, such as physical, chemical, environmental, nutritional, mental, and emotional. Fun, right? What I want you to take a peek at today is how stress can be a leading cause as to why you, or maybe everyone else you know, is carrying that extra tire around their mid-section.

The thing with stress is that it makes your body produce a chemical called cortisol. Cortisol is also affectionately known as the “stress hormone.” When your body produces too much cortisol, it snaps into a “fight or flight” mode. It is in this state of being that your body starts kicking in to survival mode. Your body does not know if this “crisis” is going to be short or long lived. So what does it do? It starts to store fat, just in case you won’t be able to hunt down any food for awhile.

So what is a girl or guy supposed to do considering we live in a society dripping in stress? Don’t fret… there is a solution.

3 Surefire Steps To Destress Your Life

1. Identify your main stressors. What is it that is actually causing you stress in this moment? Do you have physical stress, such as a broken bone or a back out of alignment? Do you have emotional stress, such as you have had a fight with your spouse or children? Perhaps you are experiencing chemical stress, such as sugar, alcohol or nicotene in your system? Write down all of the stresses that you have in your life, so you can gain clarity on where the root of your problems are stemming from.

2. Take the stress out. So now that you have identified what is turning your happiness upside down, what do you do about it? You have got to throw them to the curbside! That may sound like a no-brainer and a simple thing to do, but it could be harder than you think. Often times we have become so stuck in our habits and ways of being, that they are hard to change. Studies have shown that when many people are given the option between changing or dying, many choose to die! It doesn’t have to be that difficult though. The thing to do is create a gentle transition for yourself, so that the changes are sustainable. Let’s say that you want to give up caffeine for it is creating a chemical stress in your body. Instead of going cold turkey, why not glide right into a week of morning coffee that is half regular/half decaf? It would make the detox process much easier on your body, mind, and spirit.

And last but not least…

3. Stick with it. Changing how you do things is going to take time. You didn’t form poor habits, get addicted to caffeine, or gain twenty pounds overnight and it is going to take time to change the neuroprogramming that has grooved deep pathways in your ways of thinking. It is okay! Allow yourself to be human, no need to be superhuman. Allow yourself the time and space to make changes that are going to stick with you. This is when the unwanted pounds will slip off, your energy will increase, and the days will seem brighter. Be kind to yourself and build a strong support team around you that will hold you accountable and love you all the while.

If you get crystal clear on what your stressors are and stick with your plan of action, I know you will hit your goals of a healthy, happy life.

Reach out for support… I am on your side! Apply for a complimentary health consult at or email Now is the time for you to have the life and health that you crave and deserve! Do not lose the momentum you have picked up from reading this article, but continue to build the potency and take instant action in this moment!

I believe in you…

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