3 Signs Your Workout IS Torching Fat (instead of wasting time)

Here’s a truly shocking surprise: Exercising in the famous “fat burning” zone can actually make you fatter and drive UP your appetite!

Not only that, but pushing yourself too HARD and exercising for too LONG unleashes a veritable storm of damaging inflammatory molecules that speed UP the aging process.

Worse yet, millions of people are walking around thinking they’re too old to turn back the clock and that it’s too late for them to take advantage of the most powerful anti-aging strategy in the world-exercise.

What a mistake.

But these common misconceptions pale in comparison to the worst mistake of all-ignoring the 3 biofeedback signals that can actually tell you whether you’re wasting your time in the gym, or if your workouts are producing results.

These 3 biofeedback signals can optimize your efforts to burn fat and build muscle.

Research shows that when you pay attention to them, you can accelerate your ability to burn fat for up to 72 hours after your effective fat burning workout!

Pretty incredible.

And here’s the best part: you can do this in as little as 15 minutes, regardless of how old you are or how out of shape you think you are.

Want to know what those 3 biofeedback signals are? I thought you might!

Biofeedback Signal #1 – Pours Gas On Your Metabolic Fire…

The after-burn is the key to unleashing your body’s ability to shape muscle and burn fat quickly, and the key to the after-burn is simple: Get breathless!

You need to make sure that your heart and lungs are really sucking in oxygen, and that means you’re going to be breathing hard.

Which is great.

See, when you “get breathless”, what happens is that an “alarm system” is triggered in your metabolism that causes the release of important chemicals called catecholamines.

Catecholamines are known as “gas pedal” hormones. Why? Because they basically tell your body to break down stored body fat (adipose cells) and use it for energy, which is what it was intended for in the first place!

This essentially pours gas on your own internal metabolic “fire”.

In fact, a study in the European Journal of Applied Physiology demonstrated that a particular type of short workout can actually elevate your metabolic rate by an astonishing 21% in the 24-48 hour period after your workout!

That translates to a higher level of fat burning for days — literally a metabolic “after-burn” — and it all comes from workouts that make you breathless.

(Spoiler alert: those workouts don’t have to be as long as you think!)

Biofeedback Signal #2 – Gives You a Makeover from the Inside Out…

Trainers used to think that the burning sensation you’d get in your muscles during workouts was a sign of waste products-like lactic acid-building up in the muscles.


Research published in the July 2009 British Journal of Sports Medicine shows that this was a myth. The burning sensation is actually a kind of “metabolic smoke” that triggers both fat loss AND muscle growth!

How does it do this? Simple. By signaling your body to release HGH, the famous hormone known as the fountain of youth.

HGH is responsible for things like strong bones, an attractive body shape, reduction of body fat, limitless energy and wrinkle-free skin!

The best part is that efficient workouts – workouts that last mere minutes – release a ton of this metabolic smoke, causing a big spike in HGH and other anti-aging hormones, essentially giving you a “makeover” from the inside out!

Biofeedback Signal #3 – Increase Your Drive and Motivation…

This is a signal everyone who’s worked out has experienced-straining, huffing, and puffing.

That’s the sign that the body’s working hard, lifting something heavy. And it’s also a signal that you’re activating the all-important type ll muscle fibers.

Why does that matter? Because a study by Hulmi, et al., published in May 2008, shows that this whole process triggers testosterone production – which is hugely important for both sexes!

Surprised? Don’t be. Testosterone actually helps women strengthen their bones and avoid osteoporosis. It’s also a big energy booster, and can help with libido as well.

And testosterone has the well-known effect of boosting mood and well-being by relieving anxiety and stress.

And men? Well, testosterone not only builds nicely sculpted muscles and a powerful physique, it also boosts drive and motivation. And increases well-being!

And in case you hadn’t guessed, testosterone – in both men and women – plunges with age.

Bottom line: Just use these special “intelligent” moves (more below) that involve ONLY your bodyweight to leverage the “heavy effect.” No gym, no weights needed.

45 Second Moves Boost All 3 Signals…

If the current approach to exercise is a waste of time – what precisely DOES get results in the least amount of time possible?

The answer is as simple as counting to 3:

  1. Get breathless
  2. Go heavy
  3. Get the burn

All at the same time. In the same workout – the very definition of “efficient”.

Forget about those long boring runs. Toss aside those infomercial gadgets.

And if you are older or out of shape, don’t even think about those crazy high intensity “insane” workouts – they put you at serious risk of injury.

Instead, try these 45 second “intelligent” movements. They take only 15 minutes in total and they erase fat faster than a blowtorch melts butter.

Even better, these “intelligent” movements provide a powerful metabolic stimulus that literally unleashes a tsunami of hormones that burn fat and shape muscle for up to 3 days AFTER your workout.

I know this kind of smart metabolic training – I’ve seen it in action, because I use various forms of it all the time. And I’ve seen the fantastic results it can produce.

==> 45-second Movements Slow Aging, Speed Fat Loss and Boost Metabolism…

Research shows that these efficient, carefully designed movements can burn an astonishing 900% more fat (and nope, that’s NOT a misprint), up to 66% more calories, and tone muscles at an impressive 82% improved rate.

This next page explains how it works, particularly if you are older or out of shape or have never before gotten the results from exercise.

Remember, the trick is to work SMARTER – not HARDER. So follow these 3 signs to optimize your workouts and get the max fat burning, muscle-shaping, anti-aging effect possible.


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