How Theta Waves Can Improve Your Life

The first clinical study of brainwaves was published in the British Medical Journal in 1875. Although the study was rather crude compared to today’s sophisticated techniques and equipment, it was a landmark discovery that began a whole complex science involved in monitoring and understanding the activity of the brain. Brain waves are quite simply the voltage changes created by the brain’s neurons, and each set of brain waves is responsible for a different type of activity and emotional/mental response.

Of late, theta brain waves have become the focus of intense research. Theta waves are often found in small children and people who hover on the verge of waking from sleep. It is also seen in people who are meditating, using creativity or are simply very relaxed. When theta wave therapy is used, it allows many people access to a relaxed state in which they can focus on creativity, lessen high emotional response to triggers and can even help their health by lessening the activity of stress hormones in the body.

Most people are simply not able to acquire the deep meditation or relaxation that is part of theta wave therapy. It usually takes outside help in the form of behavioral modification and mental training to work yourself into a state of meditation that will allow you to benefit from theta wave activity. In addition, not many conventional forms of therapy take advantage of the tremendous benefits of theta waves, which can increase memory retention and learning skills.

Interestingly enough, a study in 2005 reported that theta wave therapy was able to help young students who were battling conditions like ADHD, Autism, depression and PTSD. Many students were able to show a marked improvement in attention span and mental health without any pharmaceutical products at all. This is definitive proof that issues ranging from emotional disorders to learning disorders can be helped with the use of theta brain wave reprogramming.

In addition to the psychological benefits, imagine being able to retain an image or instruction the first time it is called to your attention, rather than needing it repeated. If you have problems remembering people’s names, you would actually be able to retain that information the first time, and avoid awkward situations.

Physically, a lowered stress response can have incredible benefits to your body. Stress can raise the blood pressure, trigger adrenaline responses and flood the body with certain hormones and cortisol. While these events are perfectly normal in tiny amounts, when stress is repeated over and over again, the body is unable to cope, and heart disease, ulcers, immune issues and even skin conditions can result.

When you utilize the theta waves in your brain to bring a lowered emotional response to your life, you lower the physical and psychological stress as well. You will always have a problem or issue to deal with; the trick to good health is to learn how to deal with it. Often, the brain simply needs to be reprogrammed to get what you want – namely, a calm inner balance.

Instant Emotional Power is a set of hypnotic theta audios that also provides workbooks to help you achieve your sense of inner and outer well being. By utilizing the techniques as provided, you can learn how to improve your theta wave programming and can enjoy the physical and mental benefits that are proven to go along with theta activity. Instant Emotional Power can give you power over yourself and perhaps give you a new lease on life.

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