Sustainable Living

There are a lot of meanings and interpretations unto what sustainable living really is. There is no right or wrong description because the answer would depend on the one who is speaking. In a broader sense, sustainable living can be contextualized by embracing the principle of sustainability- the capability to endure or the capacity to go on without dwindling. To make the definition simpler, sustainable living is the act of adhering to a life full of satisfaction and fulfillment and at the same time accountable to nature and the environment. Here are some ways on how we can grasp the true meaning of sustainable livng:

Conserve Earth’s Natural Resources

Sustainable living is the act of conserving the Earth’s natural resources for the succeeding generations. The depletion of the Earth’s natural resources (water, plants, animals, land, and air) is becoming very evident these days because of global modernization. To prevent further depletion, let us be responsible and be part on the measures employed in conserving and preserving the natural resources that God has provided humanity. It is also important to put in mind that conservation and preservation does not necessarily mean that we will no longer use our resources. What is important is that we know how to spend our resources wisely.

Environmental Friendly Lifestyle and Consumer Choices

Adhering to an Earth-friendly lifestyle can also promote sustainable living. It is not that you will deprive yourself from purchasing the car that you have dreamt of all your life, just put in mind to go slow on the gas pedal. You can also cook and prepare your favorite cuisines but just ensure that you will only prepare what you can consume so that nothing will be put in to waste. Organic vegetables are more advisable to consume hence, it would be much better if we plant crops and vegetables on our own backyards for our own consumption. Considering the advantages and disadvantages of the products you are planning to buy so that you could determine how much you will need is also one good act to exercise sustainable living.

Simple living

Unpretentious and simple living can also contribute to the attainment of a sustainable living. Living simple means that you live simply without the unnecessary clutter that oftentimes you surround yourself with.

Guilt-free Living

Sustainable living is also a process of doing something good for the future. Wherein, guilt aside you can truly say to yourself that you have done something to make this world a better place to live. Simple actions like conserving water and energy as well as recycling waste materials could truly help us grasp the true essence of sustainable living.

If we will just work hand in hand, sustainable living is very attainable. One small step after another would in time allow us to reap the good fruits of all our good deeds for Mother Nature. The need for change must take up its roots within us and eventually the rest of the community and the world will be contaminated with such good mentality and perspective.


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