Problems of alternative medicine

Actor Michael Douglas, who in the past year was diagnosed with throat cancer, has announced that he got rid of the tumor.

“I feel well, I’m much better,” he said during the Today show on NBC. “The tumor has disappeared.” The actor added that the swelling subsided, thanks to chemo-and radiotherapy, and in such cases the chances of complete remission are very high. Hence, the famous actor used the services of doctors. Earlier, it was announced that a journey around the world would help him. Apparently, the actor and his family, after weighing all the pros and cons, decided to use the services of an Oncology Clinic. If he is getting better, it is possible that M. Douglas will still have time to travel to his heart’s content.

The researchers studied 39 cases of harm inflicted on children through non-traditional therapies that have been recorded in Australia between 2001 and 2003. The patients’ age ranged from several months to 16 years. Four of these cases were fatal.

In 30 cases, deterioration of health of sick children followed directly the use of alternative therapies. In addition, 17 patients suffered from rejection of treatments with proven effectiveness.

According to a study in one of the cases described, an 8-month-old baby passed away. He was taken to hospital in a state of starvation and septic shock after five months of a diet of rice milk, which was meant to cure breathing problems. An infant aged 10 months died of sepsis as a result of dietary and homeopathic “treatment” of chronic eczema.

Another child died after a few epileptic seizures because his parents refused to use anticonvulsants (antiepileptic drugs) out of fear of side effects of the drugs. The fourth child who died was treated with non-traditional methods while he was prescribed anti-coagulants (drugs that prevent blood clotting).

The researchers noted that the means of alternative medicine were used on children suffering from various diseases, including diabetes, cerebral palsy, bleeding disorders, and constipation. Scientists reminded that children cannot independently decide that they need therapy, and cautioned parents from the use of alternative therapies.

Some statistics

Some time ago Russian Academy of Medical Sciences conducted an anonymous survey. The results of the survey revealed that 80 percent of patients who later turned to an oncologist, first turned to healers and sorcerers. Scientists also found that 40% of the so-called healers are in need of psychiatric treatment, and 95% of traditional healers have no medical training.

However, people first turned to dubious “bioenergy therapists.” Why is this happening? They turned where they were promised assistance. They were guaranteed a cure. Scientists see other reasons: the crisis of modern symptomatic medicine that does not rid patients of the causes of the disease.

Any oncologist will tell you a tragic story of meeting people who could have been saved had they visited a doctor a few months earlier, but died because of “home care.”

Igor Reshetov, Head of the Oncology Department of Research Institute n.a. Herzen: “I had a young girl of 19 years old in my department. Her tumor was located in her eye orbit. Her parents treated her at the “best” bioenergy therapist who was speaking to her tumor on the phone (! ). This continued for three months. When she came to us, we were unable to help her. She passed away soon after she was admitted. A terrible lesson for the parents because they “helped” the child with their own hands. Oncologists will tell you dozens of such stories. Behind every such story is a tragedy.

There are, of course, other “conventional” methods. At first glance, they are not that terrible. But only at first glance. The tragedy is only delayed in time. Russians are fond of the following unconventional treatment methods:

Not eating or drinking for several days as it cleanses the body and promotes weight loss. However, this diet may cause gouty arthritis. Fasting prompts collapse of muscle and fatty tissue. The body does not rid of toxins but accumulates new ones. Ketone bodies, relatives of acetone, are formed. Starved intestines continue to accumulate toxic substances. Dry starvation is a straight road to an intensive care unit. There is only one normal way to clean the body and lose weight: healthful meals and exercise.

Frequent visits to a sauna: if you are sick, do not consider such visits as they are fraught with serious complications that will have to be treated for a very long time. Heat may worsen an infection. Saunas are recommended in case of overcooling. Those with cardiac issues should not expose themselves to cold temperatures directly after a sauna session as it may cause cardiac arrest. A heart attack may happen a day after the session.

Drinking vegetable oil and urine: this “cleansing” is a sure way to ruin the stomach and pancreas. Shortly after a person drinks oil, she experiences sharp abdominal pain, vomiting and fever. The patient believes that this is the way the body is getting rid of toxins. However, in reality, this is how hepatic colic and cholecystitis develop. Drinking vegetable oil on an empty stomach may cause extremely painful and agonizing death. Any urine contains nitrogenous compounds, uric acid and other substances that the body gets rid of in a natural way.

Supporters of urine therapy stubbornly push these toxins back into the body. At first they feel relief as urine contains corticosteroid hormones, i.e., stress hormones that provide temporary relief from physical suffering. Yet, the truth is that the disease does not disappear. Conversely, healthy liver and kidneys start to deteriorate.

Russian people like to refer to the wonderful “Oriental Medicine,” but why it does not help its own people? Why are there plenty of sick people in the Asian countries?

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