Structured Water – The Only Kind You Should Be Drinking

When it comes to our drinking water, what do we really know about it, honestly? Water can come from a variety of places and be purified, filtered, and even be structured.  But what is structured water?

Unlike tap water or commercial pure water systems, structured water flows through specific geometrical patterns that create vortexes or whirlpools.  This natural action lowers the surface tension and creates hexagonal crystals the same way it happens in natural spring water. Why are these things important?

Common toxins and contaminants are neutralized because they are excluded from the crystals and from the water immediately surrounding these crystals.  This is a recent discovery by Dr. Gerald Pollack of the University of Washington and is documented in his new book, “The Fourth Phase of Water”, hailed by some in the research community as “The Most Important Scientific Discovery of this Century.”

Structured Water is actually not even H2O anymore – It is H3O2. It carries a slightly negative electrical charge as well. This recent discovery by Dr. Gerald Pollack of the University of Washington is documented in his new book, “The Fourth Phase of Water”. Also revolutionary for human health, Dr. Pollack discovered that common toxins and contaminants are excluded from these crystals and the gel area surrounding them.

Because toxins and contaminants are excluded from the crystals of structured water, they cannot pass as easily through your cell membranes and so are then carried out of your body.  Because of its lower surface tension, structured water easily passes through cell membrane for better hydration.  In this way it detoxifies every cell, joint and gland in your body, dissolving built up calcium in your joints bringing pain relief and in your pineal gland for clearer thinking and higher consciousness.

Structured water units are designed for portable, under-sink, shower, whole house and commercial use.   They are used for overall health, weight loss, detoxification, pain and stress reduction or just good tasting, clean drinking water.  But before choosing between an under sink or a whole house structured water unit, determine if you have access to the main water line.   If not, stick with under sink, portable and shower units.

The cost of some water filters online can be quite low, but they all require expensive filter replacement, except structured water units.  So economically as well as for better health and even higher consciousness – structured water is the way to go.  I use it and even travel with my portable device.  You will be able to taste the difference, and not only that, but you will feel the difference too!

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