How To Make Your Bones And Nails Strong

There are many reasons why you may be aiming for strong bones and nails. Nails, if not strong, tend to break very easily, causing extreme pain. Nails that have poor health also look highly unappealing as well. Bones are a much serious area of concern, as weak bones not only lead to pain, but they also leave you vulnerable to fractures.

The common ground which both bones and nails share is this: they both are affected by what we consume. Both nails and bones are dependent on getting the right nutrients at the right time; otherwise they start to break apart. Here is a list of nutrients and substances which you must take to strengthen your nails and bones.


This component is most often ignored, yet is essential for optimal hair, bone and nail growth. Silica is found in almonds, beets, flaxseeds, apples, grapes, oats, whole grains, strawberries, celery, sunflower seeds, kelp, and parsnips. Silica deficiency can lead to weak bones and nails, and is evident if you are exhibiting wrinkled skin, insomnia, soft nails, or loss of hair.


Calcium is essential for bone growth, as your bones are made up of mostly calcium. Make sure you take at least 1000-1200 mg of calcium everyday in the form of dairy, multi-vitamin or effervescent tablets. Just take in all the calcium which is required by your body and you can be sure to have and maintain a healthy bone structure.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption, and calcium intake is incomplete without Vitamin D intake. Make sure that the calcium supplement which you are taking has Vitamin D in it as well. A good natural source of Vitamin D is Yogurt, which provides around 600IU (the RDA) of Vitamin D in just 250g.


B-vitamins are good in all cases, and your body needs B-vitamins to maintain a healthy appearance. B-vitamins are not only good for the skin; they are exceptionally excellent for nail health. A great source of b-vitamins is eggs, especially the yolk, so make sure you include these in your diet.


Nails require biotin to grow healthily, but nails are not the only component on your body which will benefit from an intake of biotin. Hair, skin and bones also benefit from biotin, because it is a constructive vitamin. One good source of biotin is tomatoes and a couple of tomatoes will provide around 7mcg of biotin which is enough for your RDA.  Cauliflower is another great source of biotin, so consume those in any form you like; cooked, steamed or sautéed.

A great overall

If you are concerned about both your nails and your bones, than do include spinach into your diet. Spinach is a powerful source of iron as well as calcium. Your bones can use the calcium whereas your nails can use the iron. Not only that, it will also freshen up your skin and allow for better bone development by maintaining a healthy digestive system because of being a green vegetable. Green vegetables allow for better blood flow as well, and if the nutrients you are consuming for better nails and bones gets transported in a better fashion throughout your body, what more can you ask for!

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