Should You Slow Down?

For years, my life has moved at a very fast pace. I’ve made changes in my career, my relationship and my living location more times than I can count. At one point I felt overwhelmed and burnt out and wondered: “Maybe I should just slow down?” I took a look at everything I was doing  –- the exhilarating career I loved and had so much passion for; the ever-evolving relationship with my husband where we learn and grow every day; the moving to new locations that has brought new people and new opportunities into our lives. I wondered: “Do I really want to slow down?….or do I want to get really good at going fast?

In our coaching program we work with large groups of people online to assist them in soaring in their lives: generating prosperity and wealth, deepening intimacy in their relationships, and creating unprecedented levels of energy and inspiration in their bodies. We’ve seen them encounter their own resistance to embrace the lives they most desire. The blocks that come up typically are guilt, fear, anxiety, and fatigue; all the ways the body prevents us from moving into uncharted territory that, on some level, we believe is not appropriate or possible. I have personally encountered many old beliefs, such as: “I don’t deserve health, wealth or prosperity.” Releasing them has been more powerful than anything I’ve done –- getting smarter and more skilled, eating better and working out, learning relationship tools. Nothing has come close to the results I’ve had from releasing my old ideas and beliefs about myself. This is what we’ve brought to the work with our clients.

The results have been amazing. They’ve proven to me time and again that the best things we can do to serve the world and ourselves is not to go more slowly to accommodate our comfort zone, but to expand in our ability to handle going faster and soaring into a Thriving life! Just the other day, a client named Karen reported that after releasing old emotions and beliefs around a sense of obligation to her family, she was able to access her genius and start performing at work like never before. She previously felt guilty about being highly paid, and was overworking to compensate for it. After releasing her limiting beliefs, she now works half the time and delivers better results for her clients. How did this happen? She released an old neurological pattern of struggle and shifted her neurology to one of Thriving in her career.

Think about it: you could stay comfortable and go slowly, but do you really want to wait for a life of prosperity, because you’re afraid of rushing or changing too fast? Hey, you may not even be here tomorrow, so why wait? A day lived in greater prosperity and passion is priceless! Don’t underestimate your ability to make this kind of shift.

So what can you do to release old beliefs and get better at soaring? Here’s what I’ve learned that we now teach our Mastermind clients:

  • Feel Your Body. 

When you are physically and emotionally aware of what’s going on within your body, you can release tension and stress, which are just the results of your limiting beliefs. You don’t even need to be aware of what’s going on. Just tune into how you are feeling physically and emotionally in any given moment. Are you having pain? Are you scared, feeling guilty or just wiped out? Pay attention and feel this experience. Feeling your body keeps you present; and when you stay present, you can go fast!

  • Breathe Consciously.

Breathing while you are aware of any physical or emotional sensations actually moves them out of your physical body. Sometimes it may seem as though you’ve been dealing with that anxiety, guilt, fear or pain for decades, but what you’ve really been doing is tightening your body so you don’t have to feel it fully! When you breathe fully, with awareness, you release these old patterns from your physical body and free up immense amounts of energy to move forward in your life!

  • Know Where You Are Going.

When you are clear on what you DO want and bring it to your attention daily, you are unstoppable! This doesn’t mean there aren’t bumps in the road. As I mentioned above, staying present in your body and breathing through it will at times feel challenging. However, you will always have the ability and the willingness to do it, despite challenges, when you are fueled by your own desire and vision. Post images and inspiring phrases that remind you of who you most want to be and what you want to experience. Know what purpose this serves in the world and how important it is. Your only obligation in this world is to fulfill one person, and that person is you! Adding one fulfilled person to the world is a gift few people commit to giving. Do this for your children, for your spouse, for your neighbors and for your world.

I look forward to your comments and questions and to assisting you with this process within yourself. I look forward to creating a world of prosperity and success and having you be a part of that!

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