Reprogram Your Brain And Get What You Want

Self-help gurus think they have it all figured out, but they are to your emotional wellbeing what a coat of paint is to a house: a chance to make things look good instead of addressing the actual underlying issues and making things BE good.

In order to get what you want out of life, you have to scrap everything that you have ever heard about positive thinking, self-help, and emotional wellbeing. Then, you can start fresh and get the truth behind making actual changes and improving your emotional intelligence from the very core. This will lead to a better understanding of yourself, your emotions, and how to get what you want the right way.

The Dark Side of Positive Thinking

Almost every self-help book, seminar, website, or speech focuses on the “power of positive thinking”. Unfortunately, this leads people to believe that they can simply just change their perspective to change their life. Instead of addressing emotions and learning how to control them, you are being taught to gloss over the negatives and focus instead on the positives. This is neither helpful nor effective for actual emotional wellbeing.

Positive thinking is NOT actually positive for your health. It encourages things like:

  • Extreme avoidance of negative emotions
  • Guilt induced by having negative feelings
  • Cutting people or experiences out of your life in the name of positive thinking instead of dealing with the issues or negative emotions at hand
  • Limited interaction
  • Lower ability to handle other people’s negative emotions
  • Less cooperation and fewer coping skills
  • Narrow emotional comfort zone and less behavioral flexibility

How can any of these things be good for your emotional wellbeing? The short answer: they’re not.

Changing Your Emotional Set Point

Instead of avoiding, you need to learn how to handle your emotions accordingly. As is the case with programs like Alcoholics Anonymous, you have to admit that you have negative emotions in order to deal with them properly. With most self-help methods, you are too busy shunning them and clinging to positive thinking to do this. It’s time to step out of the protective barrier and face your emotions head- on so that you can get to a better emotional state for good.

Emotional Set Point: Every human has this place, which is the foundation of where and how they handle emotions. It includes their level of emotional intelligence and behavioral flexibility.

Improving or expanding this point is going to be far more effective than ignoring negative emotions for the sake of positive ones or trying to “cover up” the emotions that you “shouldn’t have”. Everyone has negative emotions and that’s acceptable. The trick to a happier, healthier life is increasing emotional intelligence and behavioral flexibility by reprogramming your brain.

How Theta Can Help

Theta is the brainwave frequency that ix experienced on the verge of waking and sleep, often associated with deep meditation. The ratio of theta learning is about 1:20, meaning you can learn something once in this state that might take 20 exposures to learn in waking life (beta frequency).

Theta can:

  • Lower stress
  • Increase emotional sensitivity
  • Expand emotional comfort zone
  • Establish emotional intelligence by creating behavioral flexibility
  • Increase memory access

With Instant Emotional Power, a series of workbooks and theta audios, you can guide yourself through to a better emotional state for better overall wellbeing. There’s no more “faking it” or cover up involved. Instant Emotional Power helps reprogram your brain and gives YOU the control over your emotions so that you can deal with them appropriately to move forward to a healthier life.

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