Parenting With Music

Many studies confirm that we are hard wired to respond to music. Humans are uniquely gifted with something called beat induction, the ability to follow a beat.

Did you know that using music during a baby’s development may be one of the most important tools you can use? Parents know the power of a beautiful lullaby to soothe a fussy baby but it goes deeper than that.

Today Shawn interviews Amy Robbins-Wilson who is a healing music artist and musical parenting expert.  She holds a masters degrees in Expressive Arts Therapies and another in Ritual Song and Chant Performance.  She is the author of the Mom’s Choice Award winning book Transformational Mothering and the creator of four albums of lullabies and other original music.

When you listen to this passionate podcast you’ll learn:

  • The amazing power of music in the development of children.
  • The lost art of music.
  • When music should be introduced with children. (this may surprise you).
  • The physiological response to music within the baby.
  • How to use music to teach your child.
  • Get your kids to sleep quickly with this music strategy.
  • Discover a program that will positively impact the relationship with your child forever.

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