Omega-3s Fail to Foster Weight Loss

Taking omega-3 fatty acid[1] supplements may help you shed pounds, according to a new study[2] from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Often touted as a natural weight-loss aid[3], omega-3s are inflammation-fighting[4] fats found in foods like fish oil and flaxseed[5].

For the study, scientists assigned 128 overweight but healthy people to six months of treatment with either omega-3 supplements or a placebo[6]. In addition, members of each group received counseling on diet and exercise. Analyzing data on the 81 people who finished the study, the study’s authors found that participants lost more than five percent of their body weight on average. However, there was no difference in weight loss between the two study groups.

In past studies, researchers have found that alternative therapies like yoga[7] and tai chi[8] may help support your weight-loss efforts[9].

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