Natural Cancer Cures

Once diagnosed with cancer, most people look at a truncated life with bouts of chemotherapy, hair loss, and all the myriad side effects they will have to endure.  However, there are some natural cures that have helped the cancer stricken overcome the disease to a large extent and make their lives a little longer and healthier.

Predominantly, the approach is diet based. The general consensus is that a diet rich in meat, dairy, white rice, sugar and flour along with coffee, soda, liquor, and tobacco all contribute to cancer in the long run. In the University of Victoria in British Colombia, researchers carried out a study where about 200 cancer stricken people participated. They were encouraged to switch to a vegetarian diet. It was seen that about 87% of them underwent “spontaneous remission”.

Cancer occurs when the immune system is compromised by bad diets and wrong types of food. Today, the National Institute of Cancer recommends lots of bananas, oranges, and green leafy vegetables in everyone’s diet, as they contain cancer fighting agents like fiber and vitamins.

Along with a good diet, natural cures also advocate the use of sodium bicarbonate and iodine as two possible ways to cure cancer. There are other natural cures too like colloidal silver and organic sulphate which must be used under medical supervision.

Keeping the body in pH harmony with the right foods, minerals, and other essential nutrients will go a long way in keeping cancer at bay.

Build Immune System To Fight Cancer

Our immune system is the best defense against cancer. Drugs, herbs, or treatment will not work if the immune system is down.  Building up the immune system to fight cancer requires a radical change in diet and approach to the overall health of the person.

  • Avoid sugar and junk food – White sugar affects the performance of the white blood cells. The general opinion is that 25 spoons of sugar will paralyze about 92% of white blood cells. Now consider this: colas have about 8-10 spoons of sugar, a banana split has 24 spoons, and white bread has 2 spoons per slice. These are just 3 of the many types of food that we eat on a daily basis. Just think how much sugar you are actually eating in a day.
  • Avoid high fat food – Breast cancer is common among women who have too much refined fat in their daily diet. This includes saturated and animal fat. A low fat diet will help reduce the chances of breast cancer and increase the survival of those who already have breast cancer.
  • Opt for raw food diet – This diet is the best and most difficult to follow. Raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and sprouted grains will help ensure that your immune system gets the required boost to fight cancer.   Avoid cooked food as much as possible.  The logic is very simple: a cooked seed will not grow if you plant it, but a raw seed will. This is the basic principle of life.  Cooked food kills the nutritive powers of food. When fighting an enemy like cancer, you need all the ammo you can get in raw food.

There is something known as natural functional food which is known for its nutritive powers. A functional food is defined as one which has health properties that go beyond its basic function of supplying nutrients.  Some functional foods commonly known to us and easily available are yogurt, tuna, cereals, citrus fruits, and whole grains.

Some of the benefits one can gain from functional foods are:

  • Lends support to the immune system to help fight cancer
  • Aids stress relief, particularly  chronic stress
  • Supports detoxification
  • Helps improve  liver function
  • Provides the body with essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc.
  • Supports the  natural acid-alkaline balance in the body

Other Natural cures and Supplements

Bicarbonate plus Molasses Treatment

The observation that cancer is similar to an advanced Candida Albicans fungal stage within a low oxygen cellular and acidic environment has led to the finding of the Bicarbonate plus Molasses Treatment.  The humble sodium bicarbonate has been found to be amazingly effective in battling cancerous cells. The basic principle lies in its alkalinity, which is not good for cancer cells. It lets oxygen into the cells, which is something the cancerous cells cannot tolerate as they cannot survive in a high oxygen environment.

There are studies that have indicated that some forms of chemotherapy have been enhanced by tumor pH manipulation using sodium bicarbonate. Sodium bicarbonate is safe, inexpensive, and proving to be very effective in arresting cancer.

Molasses used along with sodium bicarbonate has helped some people get rid of tumors. By itself, molasses has a very high concentration of trace elements and minerals that offer a broad spectrum alkalizing support that aids sodium bicarbonate as an effective remedy for cancer tumors. It is important to note that baking soda with aluminum added to it must be avoided at all costs.

For long term alkalisation and well-being all the minerals are required, not just sodium bicarbonate as a means of alkalisation. Furthermore the balance of sodium to potassium, calcium to magnesium and so on should be fostered and maintained.


Iodine has been found to be effective in ridding the body of unhealthy cells. In correct doses, it helps kill the fungi and micro-organisms that are an inherent part of the cancer process. Breast cancer, ovarian, and prostate cancer are hormonally related cancers, and iodine works very well to balance the hormones and aid recovery.

Tumor suppression was seen in experimental animals that were given iodine as part of treatment. It has also been seen that selenium is required for iodine to work effectively. Selenium aids the immune system.

While these are natural cures for cancer which have been tried and tested, they are best used under consultation with your healthcare provider or oncologist.

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