Hyperactivity in Children: The Food Coloring Dangers You Must Be Aware Of

Hyperactivity in children is a hot button issue these days. With record numbers of kids showing signs of hyperactivity specifically ADHD its really no wonder that parents are finally starting to look for real answers as to why their children are so radically hyper.

As is usually the case, the root cause for excessive hyperactivity can be directly traced back to the very foods that they eat. As you know, we really are what we eat. Unfortunately, many of us may be feeding our kids snacks and meals that contain a potent, dangerous additive that has been clinically proven to increase hyperactivity symptoms.

Brighter Isnt Better When it Comes to Foods

One thing that any parent will tell you is that kids love bright, vibrant colors. And you know who else knows this fact? The food industry. Thats why you see so many food colorings used especially in foods that are more or less targeted at young children. Everything from candies and snack cakes to chips and salty snacks are routinely colored with some pretty nasty chemicals. And one of these coloring chemicals Tartazine is also linked to hyperactivity in children.

Yellow 5 A Deadly Food Coloring

Tartazine is also known by its less scientific name of Yellow 5. And while that may sound innocent enough, its when you look at how this nasty stuff is made that you can start to understand why its been linked to hyperactivity in children; as well as asthma, cancer and severe migraine headaches. You see, good old Yellow 5 is essentially nothing but prettied up industrial waste. And it is actually derived from coal tar. Now, most of us would never even feed something like that to our worst enemy. But the food industry is basically keeping this ugly fact on the down low, so millions of people are giving this substance to their kids (and often times to themselves too) every single day.

You Must Read Food Labels

In European Union any foods that contain Yellow 5 must have visible warning labels. That way people can make an educated decision about staying away from foods that include this brightly colored, but extremely harmful food coloring. Once parents know that Yellow 5 is linked to hyperactivity in children, they should do all they can to stay away from foods that have the Yellow 5 warning label. Unfortunately, these labels arent required by law in the US, so parents will want to be especially diligent in checking food labels, and avoiding any foods that have Yellow 5 or Tartazine in them.

No More Yellow 5

If your kids really want to eat brightly colored foods, remember you can find lots of great tasting, organic fruits, veggies and other goodies that fit that bill. Avoiding the overly processed, chemically laden foods especially those that contain Yellow 5 just may be the best way to help parents avoid extreme cases of hyperactivity in children.

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