Gluten Demystified

Something you’re eating could be killing you and you may not even know it!

There are some things in our diet that are clearly bad for you. But there are silent dangers around things that we are told are just fine. I’m talking about bread and gluten.

Warning: If you eat a lot of bread you may be walking around with gluten intolerance or latent celiac disease and not even know it.

Today we break things down and help you understand what gluten is, describe symptoms of early stages of gluten sensitivity and guide you to simple solutions.

Our guides on this journey of understanding gluten are Shawn Stevenson and Jaqui Karr, who is a nutrition expert, bestselling author and an authority on gluten.

When you listen to this IMPORTANT podcast you’ll learn:

  • Jaqui’s personal story.
  • How celiac disease has been found.
  • What is gluten?
  • Are “gluten-free” products really “gluten-free”?
  • Shocking statistics about gluten effects on the body.
  • Are corn and rice safe enough for people with gluten sensitivity?
  • What is the “1% Myth”.
  • What symptoms should you look for to avoid dangers of gluten.
  • Recent studies on gluten and celiac disease.
  • Connections between your gut, gluten and your immune system.
  • Difference between grains now and 100 years ago.
  • Misinformation and misdiagnose around gluten.
  • Difference between gluten intolerance symptoms and celiac symptoms.
  • Link between depression and gluten.
  • What is Gluten Demystified Program.
  • And much more.

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