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take_your_time A restful sleep at night is essential for good health. A good night sleep rejuvenates the body and mind and prepares you for the challenges of the following day. Insomnia[1] is now becoming a common problem amongst those living in the city and following a fast passed lifestyle. Many people take medications to help them sleep at night; however, they are addictive and have side effects. If you are amongst those facing sleep problem then you can try the following herbal and natural sleep aids for a good night sleep.

There are some herbal sleep cures and products that are made by using different herbs. The herbal cures do not have any potent side effects, however some people may experience some mild discomforts, they are advised to stop the herbal treatment and consult their herbal practitioner or a medical expert.

Most popular herbal cure for insomnia:

1. Kava Kava: Kava Kava is a popular herbal cure for insomnia. It helps calm the mind and relax the body. Kava Kava is also known to improve the dreams. This herbal sleep cure is prescribed to people who suffer from fatigue. You are not advised to take this herb for long period of time as it may cause liver[2] problem.

2. Passion Flower: This herb was used by the Aztecs as a sedative. The calming effect of this herb helps one sleep better. It calms the mind and the body and reduces tension and fatigue[3]. This herb is given to adults and kids.

3. California Poppy: This is commonly used herb to help fall asleep. It is a component in many herbal sleep medicines sold over the counter. The properties in this herb helps one sleep better and reduce tension. It is a safe herbal cure for sleep.

4. Hops: This herb has properties that helps calm a person. This is a soothing tonic which helps reduce pain, makes one relax and improve sleep. People suffering from depression must not take this herb as this may further worsen the depression[4] condition.

5. Herbal sleep mask: There are some herbal companies that manufacture sleep masks. These masks have different herbal essence such as clove, chamomile and lavender which helps one sleep better. The mask when worn while sleeping helps you fall into deep and restful sleep.

6. Herbal sleep pillow: Herbal sleep pillows help one sleep better at night. The most popular sleep pillow has lavender essence in it. The herbal sleep pillow is also helpful in treating insomnia and curing headaches. The herbal sleep pillow has aromatic essences in it that promotes sleep and emotional balance.

777063_mint_and_ginger_tea_1 7. Herbal Tea for sleep troubles: A cupful of herbal tea can gently soothe your nerves and help you fall asleep. One can have chamomile tea, lavender tea or passionflower herbal tea to treat insomnia.

8. Herbal essential oil for better sleep: Essential oils are extracted from various parts of healing herbs. Herbs like citrus, sandalwood, rosewood and lavender have calming effect. Other herbs like Frankincense, spruce tree and patchouli helps relieve tension. You can apply couple of drops of any of the above essential oil on your pillow before sleeping at night. You can also burn any of these oils in an aromatic diffuser.

9. Relaxing Herbal Bath: A soothing bath in warm water mixed with few drops of any of the following essential oil… lavender, passionflower or Valerian will help you loosen up and promote better sleep[5] at night.


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