Fight Breast Cancer Naturally

(BeWellBuzz) With so many dreadful theories about Breast Cancer, it is difficult to understand what’s good and what’s not and how one can fight breast cancer naturally. Traditional medical treatments for breast cancer include surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, chemotherapy plus bone marrow treatment, hormone therapy, or a combination of these treatments.

However, the latest medical evidences have revealed that breast cancer can also be cured naturally. Don’t believe it? Yes, what you eat may help to protect you from breast cancer or help you fight the disease.

Dietary Fat – The Most Common Risk Factor For Breast Cancer

According to the National Cancer Institute, there are roughly one-third of all cancer deaths that are directly related to diet. What you eat can hurt you, but it can also help you. Many of the common foods found in grocery stores or organic markets contain cancer-fighting properties, from the antioxidants that neutralize the damage caused by free radicals to the powerful phytochemicals that scientists are just beginning to explore.

Here are some foods that help you fight breast cancer naturally:

  • Flaxseed Oil: Flaxseed oil is a great source of omega-3 fatty acid and should be a part of every woman’s diet. Flaxseed tastes like wheat germ and can be added to smoothies, salads, soup, yogurt and fresh juices. Some people are allergic to flaxseed, so begin with a small amount, one-fourth of a teaspoon, and increase gradually if you don’t have a reaction. A teaspoon of ground flaxseed included in the diet a few times a week would be a moderate approach.
  • Dark Leafy Greens: Dark leafy green vegetables are the main source of antioxidants that help boost immune system. Eating a lot of carotene-rich foods like orange-winter squash, sweet potatoes, pumpkin will also help reduce the risk of breast cancer. Women in one study who ate a serving of spinach at least twice a week had half the rate of breast cancer than women who avoided it. Cruciferous vegetables like brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower can also be beneficial.
  • Cherries: Pretty and perfect for popping into your mouth as a treat, cherries contain a natural anti-inflammatory agent and antioxidants. Research has shown that cherries are a top source of a compound that may inhibit mammary cancer in rats.
  • Vitamin D. During 2010 conference in Toronto on vitamin D, researcher Dr. Cedric Garland explicitly referred to breast cancer as a disease of vitamin D deficiency, stating that it could be “virtually eradicated” through increased levels of the vitamin. Garland also emphasized the importance of sunshine as a source of vitamin D. 
  • Garlic: Strong in smell but wonderful as a seasoning for soups and sauces, garlic contains a group of compounds that work to kill bacteria and fungus, and stimulate the immune system. Research shows that breast cancer cells die when exposed to garlic in test tubes. This happens because garlic has immune-enhancing allium compounds (dialyl sultides) that appear to increase the activity of immune cells that fight cancer and indirectly help break down cancer causing substances.
  • Salmon: Studies show that eating some fish twice a week is good for your health, especially if salmon is on the menu. Rich source of essential omega-3 fatty acids can lower the risk of breast cancer, reduces inflammation, improves blood flow characteristics, and may improve response to chemotherapy.
  • Green Tea: There’s no doubt you’ve heard about the many health benefits of green tea – for weight loss, anti-aging, skin protection and many more. Its potent antioxidants also discourage cancer cells from growing. Studies show that people who regularly drink green tea reduce their risk of many cancers, including breast cancer.
  • Berries: They’re yummy to eat, yes, but strawberries, blackberries and raspberries contain a common and powerful cancer fighter called ellagic acid. These three special berries contain an abundance of antioxidants that can help reduce the risk of a number of cancers.
  • Turmeric: It is a yellow spice most popular in Indian dishes. People whose diets are rich in turmeric have lower rates of breast, prostate, lung and colon cancers. Recent research at the Anderson Cancer Center in Houston suggests that curcumin, an active component in turmeric, may help prevent the spread of breast cancer.

In addition, making dietary changes like replacing your cooking oil with Olive Oil can be really beneficial in curing breast cancer. Spanish scientists from Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona have found that adding a little olive oil to your meal can help ward off breast cancer. In fact, many who have previously suffered from breast cancer or breast tumors have decided to switch to the Mediterranean diet because it is rich in olive oil and olive-derived products.

If you or someone you know is fighting breast cancer, share with them the numerous benefits of curing breast cancer naturally – making small dietary changes can save lives of many!

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