Why Enthusiasm, Passion and High Energy Are Vital for Ultimate Living

Why Enthusiasm, Passion and High Energy Are Vital for Ultimate Living

Have you ever been alongside someone who is highly enthusiastic? It’s very contagious, isn’t it? Strive to be that person.

It invigorates your body and creates excitement in your career’s daily activities that easily can become mundane if you allow them to do so.

Routine is what we are made of, and we cannot possibly get away from it. But we can stop it from being boring to us and, even worse, boring to other people. But how do we do that? We perform our duties as if we are doing them for the very first time.

I was a professional singer/pianist for more than twenty-five years. Let me tell you, I performed six nights a week, singing the most requested songs of the time every single night, sometimes two or three times in a night.

When calculated, it means that I sang each song approximately 7,000 times during a twenty-five year period. I was well-renowned for my live performances because I was excited to watch and had incredible enthusiasm.

I was always in demand and often performed at the same venue for more than two or three years. How did I keep my audience captivated and coming back to see me entertain again and again? I sang and played as if I was performing those songs for the first time.

I saw many of my colleagues sing and play in venues as if they had played the tunes over and over again (probably 7,000 times). It was very boring to watch, and everyone in the room looked bored as well. I decided then and there that if I had to play audience-requested songs over and over again, I would play them as if it was the first time.

The incredible enthusiasm that came from me and my songs created such excitement that I constantly was asked to return, but I always was booked out in advance. I believe the people just wanted to be around enthusiastic and exciting people, and that is what I created in my music and performance.

Can you imagine if you had the same attitude in your chosen job or business? How would you be successful?

You would attract more business, better opportunities, and enjoy your day much more than you would otherwise. No employer would let you go if you were excited about your job and attracting customers. You would be more valuable to them if you stayed. And if they did not see this, then you are with the wrong company.

Once you have your enthusiasm working for you, it naturally flows to the next ingredient for an ultimate living, which you cannot stop from shining through you, and that is high energy.

Try creating high energy without enthusiasm. You can’t. They go hand in hand. You have high energy in your career, and nothing will stop you from being a success. You never will feel tired.

At one time in my musical career, I was singing eight gigs a week within a five-day period of about twelve months. I was doing Tuesday night, Wednesday night, Thursday night, Friday afternoon, Friday night, Friday late night, Saturday night, and then Sunday afternoon. And all this while carrying my own musical equipment, sometimes up and down stairs. No one could believe my stamina. And looking back, I sometimes think to myself, how did I ever sustain that workload?

I did so because of the high energy that I created through my enthusiasm. Once you achieve your goal in your career, you will need high energy to keep it going. High energy will see you through the days when you think you feel tired, but you complete the tasks anyway.

Find work that you have a passion for, and you will never have to find enthusiasm or high energy again. Tony Robbins, an American self-help author, and the motivational speaker knows this too well. He always signs off with, “Live with passion.”

He is talking about all areas of your life and, considering you will spend most of your time in your working activities, make sure you find what you’re passionate about, and then search for your vocation that matches those activities.

Are you passionate about fishing? See what you can find that will generate income from that source. Are you passionate about cooking or cleaning? My 80-year-old mother, whom I love dearly, is so passionate about both of these “chores” that she has done them every single day of her life, no matter how tired she was. She will tell you that she despises doing these activities, but she loves seeing people’s faces after they have devoured her dishes and say how delicious they were. She also cannot stand being in a house where there is a trace of dust. If she had chosen to turn these chores into income-generating activities, I have no doubt she would have become a happier and wealthier human being than she is right now.

My brother, when he was very young, liked to freehand draw anything that caught his eye. Many people believed that he traced them and said that it was not possible to freehand draw his pictures. And yet he did. I have no doubt that if he chose to find a vocation that includes these tasks, he would feel fulfilled and satisfy a burning desire that once was there when he was a young boy; but he was not aware of it, and still does not to this day.

If you are challenged to find a passion in your life, then look no further than when you were a young child. This will give you a big clue as to what that passion would be. What did you do? What made you happy? What did you enjoy doing?

As for me, when I was about twelve years old, I loved playing the guitar and singing. I never stopped and never was tired. I even paid for my own tuition, as I have been working after school since I was ten to earn some money. When I left school, after some initial jobs, I studied music, then lived and worked my passion for more than twenty-five years. At ten years of age, I used to sell newspapers on the street corner and now, at the age of fifty-four, I have retired from music to become a sales representative. It is an advancement from my newspaper-selling days and, you guessed it, I love my sales role and also the company.

 At this moment, I am on the journey to my next passion in life, and that is self-development. I want to share it with as many people as possible so they can benefit from the same knowledge that turned my own life around. I also would like to make it a source of income; sharing the insights and strategies that will help people live a more fulfilled life and allowing me to live my passion at the same time.

So, live with enthusiasm, passion, and high energy and see your world just fall into place.

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