Emotional Fitness

In all aspects of life the ability to perceive, control and evaluate emotions is paramount. As you’ll discover in this podcast, Shawn Stevenson explores the many facets of emotional fitness with Hypnotherapist and NLP master Jonni LaForce.

You too can harness the power of emotion to deepen your love with your partner, become more successful at work, attain abundant health and more.

When you listen to this podcast you’ll discover:

  • The DEEP importance of understanding and controlling your emotional states.
  • The emotional cheat codes.
  • The physiological response to emotional states.
  • The body<–>emotion connection.
  • The power of relaxation.
  • Effects of emotions on weight loss/gain, sleep and more.
  • How emotions subconsciously determine your behavior, actions & decisions
  • Amazing emotional experiments (these are shocking).
  • How emotions control your energy levels.
  • Why it’s NOT about avoiding negative emotions, why it can be harmful & the studies that back this up.
  • The positives of negative emotions.
  • The emotional-physiological science of self control and how to leverage it.
  • 4 steps to getting out of your emotionally blocked areas.
  • The power of emotional fitness

Links talked about in the podcast (and a special offer for the BeWellBuzz family)

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