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Teeth 150x150 Educate Your DentistSeveral years ago, I started to have dental problems from not eating enough greens, lack of chewing and whatever other reasons. I found that it was difficult to find a holistic dentist who would cooperate with me, agree to use less toxic materials and not making fun of my unusual requests.

I went from dentist to dentist and I was left feeling rather frustrated. Years went by and my dental health was continuously declining.  The dentists offered me treatment plans that I was not comfortable with due to my beliefs.   You might think that I am too picky, when in fact I am a very patient patient!   I had lots of unanswered questions and I needed the answers not only for myself and my family, but for my readers and followers.  Finally I decided not to look for any non-traditional, already alternative doctor, but find a young, ambitious, well-educated dentist that loves his work and does his job well.  This is how 5 years ago I walked into the office of Dr. Jared Anderson, who has been my dentist since then.

First I was attracted to the fact that Dr. Anderson is a graduate of 2 prestigious dental schools in the United States.  Most of all, it appealed to me that Dr. Anderson loves his dentistry and his patients more than anything in the world and he cannot hide it.  His office is overflowing with the finest pieces of equipment.  He proudly informed me that he doesn’t use Amalgam fillings and uses only the best materials and procedures that he is aware of.  I was already experienced in how to irritate dentists with my never-ending queries.  With Dr. Anderson, I tried to keep my mouth shut even when it was wide open!  Dr. Anderson appeared to be a curious young man.  When I presented him with my book “Green for Life[1]” he read it, asked many questions and was brave enough to try a green smoothie.  Another time, Dr. Anderson tried my jaw exerciser for himself and gave me feedback.  I lent him some documentaries from my library.  He especially liked “The Beautiful Truth” about Gerson Institute and the role Mercury fillings play in human health.

I asked Dr. Anderson why he doesn’t have Mercury fillings removal listed among his services. He explained that American Dental Association doesn’t officially recognize these fillings as harmful and strongly discourages advertising of their removal. That is why I am writing about that.

If you need to remove Mercury fillings and live not far from Oregon I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Anderson for this special task.  He has all the necessary skills and equipment for this procedure, including high volume suction and tooth isolation.

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