December 21, 2012: Why and How the World Will Change

The Mayans, like other ancient civilizations, believe in cyclical time, wherein every cycle spans over tens of thousands of years. December 21, 2012 marks the end of a cycle that represented ignorance, disease, pain, and violence for the human race. No one is causing the change, but the universe itself, through its own intelligence to move the celestial bodies in the sky. The Mayans knew the sacred mathematical astronomy from the gods, of whom they were descendants.

How will the Changes Happen?

The new galactic alignment will change the nature of human DNA. We will build more strands in the DNA, and slowly but steadily moving into a Golden Age. What will happen is a new body and a new brain. The body will not pick up diseases and aging, nor will it have aches and pains. The brain, likewise, will not be ignorant. We will not be tortured by the frontal lobe with stupid thoughts. In short, the brain will no longer grope in darkness. Because of changes in the vibratory rate and the concept of time will change. We will question only the forward movement of time and look at different potential options.  With the change of our concept of time, space will also change. The change in biology and the environment will eventually lead to enlightened politics and government.

The changes that are already occurring in our understanding of physics will have a direct impact on our knowledge system. The idea that we are stuck in poverty and pain will be challenged by the new concept of the ‘uncertainty principle’ in quantum physics. The ‘observer-based reality’ similarly, will unite psychology, physics, and mysticism. Violence and selfish behavior will come to a stop with the dawn of love, based on our new understanding of the universe and our new knowledge base.

Changes within the Brain

We have, up until now, been victims of the neo-cortex, particularly the frontal lobe, which disallows any quick changes in our thinking and action place. We are locked into logic and the concept of cause and effect. The Golden Age will change this with the mid-brain becoming prominent and taking over the frontal lobe. The mid-brain is the miracle brain.

The mid-brain will do the following 8 miracles:

  1. success with no sweat
  2. no conceptual complications
  3. right time, right place, right person
  4. midbrain can heal the body naturally
  5. midbrain is the road to heaven
  6. midbrain can give you omniscience
  7. youthful for eternity
  8. gives you only super-thoughts

So very exciting times are ahead of us.

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