Causes, Symptoms and Natural Remedies For Angina

Angina is a severe pain or discomfort in and around the chest. Angina pain occurs when the muscles of the heart receive insufficient supply of blood. People who have angina pain may confuse it with heart attack as the pain in the chest is immense and feels like a harsh crushing feeling in the chest. Some people also experience discomfort in the jaw, shoulder, neck as well as back during an angina pain attack. At times, an angina attack may be so mild that it may feel like mere episode of indigestion. The intensity varies from person to person.

There are many reasons that cause angina. Some of them are heart disease, cardiovascular disorders, and aortic valve disease. There are other causes of angina pain as well. Both men and women are equally susceptible to angina attacks and it may be a serious problem.

Natural remedies for angina have existed for many years now and people should start applying them to stop angina from worsening. These natural remedies for angina will be a great help not only for angina attack but for heart related problems as well.

Natural Remedies For Angina

  • The most commonly used natural remedy for angina is massaging a mixture of two teaspoon of almond oil along with one teaspoon of rose oil all over the chest twice every day. This home remedy has been found to be very helpful and many people have benefited out of it.
  • One of the popular natural remedies for angina is made by boiling a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in one and a half cup water. Strain this water and add two teaspoonful of honey in it. Have it like a tea twice in a day to reduce the intensity of the pain.
  • The most effective natural remedies for angina as well as other heart problem is by making changes in the lifestyle. Improve your diet, have more healthy foods, indulge in some mild exercises (ask your doctor what kind of exercises you can do) keep your cholesterol levels under control and you will see a great change in your overall health as well as angina attacks will reduce or go away completely.
  • Lemon is yet another one of the popular natural remedies for angina. Lemon juice is found to be helpful in stopping the accumulation of cholesterol and it also clears the blockages in blood vessels. Simply squeeze lemon over your salad or add it in warm water to reduce angina.
  • Garlic is another wonderful food that provides cure for many health problems which include being one of the natural remedies for angina. Have two or three cloves of garlic first thing in the morning. If you find the taste very strong then boil it a little and crush it and have it with warm water. Having garlic and lemon in your everyday diet will improve your health in general and will reduce the discomfort caused by angina attack.
  • Basil is a wonderful herb that is used for treating many health problems and also considered as one of the natural remedies for angina. Simply chew few cleaned leaves of basil in the morning to reduce angina discomfort and cure the problem in the long run.
  • Vegetables, especially green leafy ones  are natural remedies for angina that also help in treating all heart related problems. Have more of them in your everyday diet.
  • Dairy products should be avoided or taken under the supervision of your doctor.
  • Other helpful natural remedies for angina are citrus fruits, grapes, onion, honey and parsley.


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