Blood Holography?

Can LOOKING at blood in the right way give us details about our overall health?

As you will learn in this mind opening podcast the answer is YES.

This week Shawn Stevenson interviews  Dr. Harvey Bigelsen M.D., a true pioneer of homeopathy and his son Josh Bigelsen.

Dr. Bigelsen’s work in the field of holistic and biological medicine healing led to his awe-inspiring work in decoding holographic images in human blood. These electromagnetic pictures foretell the condition of our health and events that have yet to occur.

Dr. Bigelsen is the first medical doctor to practice isopathy (biological medicine) in North America. As the first president of the Arizona Homeopathic Medical Board, Dr. Bigelsen drafted guidelines and standards for the practice of Holistic Medicine in Arizona that set the precedent in the United States.

When you listen to this valuable podcast you’ll learn:

  • What is hemobiographic analysis.
  • How past injuries show up in your blood.
  • Connection between emotions and body organs.
  • How healthy blood really looks like?
  • Difference between standart blood panel and live blood analysis.
  • How body heals itself.
  • What impact does surgery have on a body.
  • How one drop of blood can tell your whole body’s story.
  • 90% of thyroid disease come from the mouth.
  • The real power of wisdom teeth.
  • Difference between dark field analysis and live cell analysis.
  • Importance of individual approach.
  • How emotions show up in the blood.
  • And much more.
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