Baked Goods Contain Ingredient That Causes Cancer

(BeWellBuzz) Baked goods are one of the most popular foods amongst people, because of their amazing taste and health benefits. People love to eat bread with their meals – be it white, wheat or honey oats. But there is a hidden danger that you might not know about.

Obesity is one of the major causes of many diseases including heart attack, and hence people have started opting for a healthier lifestyle by avoiding junk food. But who would know that baked goods that are sold in US can cause something even deadlier than heart disease? Yes, most of the baked goods sold in US contain potassium bromate that causes cancer.

According to a research conducted by American Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) potassium bromate used in baked goods can cause cancer.

What is Potassium Bromate?

Potassium bromate is an oxidizing agent and is used in baked goods as it strengthens the dough and makes the finished product look great. In a 1982 research, it was revealed that potassium bromate is used in baking goods because it gives higher rising properties that results in a fluffy and light bread. It was also found that this chemical is dangerous for consumption and causes cancer. Tests  done on rats and mice confirmed that it can cause tumor in kidney and other organs. The publication of this research resulted in the ban of potassium bromate in United Kingdom, Canada and Australia but not in USA.

Ban Potassium Bromate in US

Despite of the dangerous nature of potassium bromate, it is still not banned in US, and most bakers are using it. Why? This is because it helps in raising the flour, hence decreasing the baking time and saving energy.

The Center of Science in Public Interest petitioned FDA to ban the use of this ingredient, but it has been unable to do so, because of a loophole in the American food regulation which they are unwilling to change. The FDA (Food and drug administration) in US urged bakers to stop using potassium bromate willingly when research indicated that is responsible for causing cancer in human. The FDA in an action to limit the usage of potassium bromate has asked the bakers in California to indicate on the goods that it contains bromated flour; hence this has caused the bakers to stop using it.

How to Make Baked Goods with Bromated Flour?

Well, it’s not that bakery items cannot be made without bromated flour; there are many bakers who have never used it and still have the best products and flour. King Arthur flour mill is a prime example, their flour is free of potassium bromate and is used by renowned bakers worldwide to make those delicious delicacies. Potassium bromate is a core ingredient in baked product but can easily be replaced; all it will require is just a bit of more time and energy. Making delicious baked goods without bromated flour requires a slight shift in the mixing process and a bit more time for baking as the rising time of the bakery increases.

Note to Consumers in US

Prevention is better than cure. Research by IARC has clearly indicated that baked goods contain potassium bromate causes cancer. Hence, one should be cautious when buying bread.

A note of advice to our readers:

  • Whenever buying baked goods, always check the ingredients and if they contain potassium bromate ask for a product that is free from this ingredient.
  • There are bakers who sell bromate free goodies; try finding them in your state, a little bit of effort will protect you against a deadly disease.
  • If finding bromate free bread is difficult, a better option is to buy flour and make bread at home. This will help in ensuring health for the family.
  • Remember potassium bromate and bromated flour are the same. So don’t let yourself be fooled by this gimmick.

According  to a research published by the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of deaths caused by cancer will increase from 7.6 million in 2005 to 9 million in 2015 and approximately 12 million by 2030.

The changing global dynamics and sedentary lifestyle are common reasons for the increase in cancer patients. Keeping these statistics in mind consumer should be careful and avoid using potassium bromate and other such products that may result in cancer. Furthermore, FDA should look in to the matter more seriously, and reconsideration should be made in order to ban this and other harmful ingredients that are used in baked goods.


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