5 Rules One Should Follow while Going on a Long Drive

long drive

Road trips or travel always are loads of fun for everyone involved. At some point in life, a fully licensed driver will have to travel a long distance to some destination. In the course of the travel, you will have to follow some common sense as well as safety rules and regulations of the road. Following rules will keep you from getting in trouble with the authorities or getting involved in a road accident. Various countries take road safety very seriously since life can be lost if rules are not followed. For instance, if you ever get a driver’s license, you will love to visit various interesting sites in the country. These trips can be long and tiresome if you decide to travel alone. These are five things you should do when going on a long drive:

1. You should drive defensively and safely
Driving safely on the road is not a choice because the driver is obligated to drive safely no matter how long the drive may be. The driver should watch each and every road sign he comes across. Any slight mistake committed on the road can turn out to be a disaster. This means a driver should be very careful. You should be aware of what you should be doing behind the wheel. The driver also be prepared by anticipating what the other drivers on the road are going to do.

2. Follow the rules of the road
Following road rules is not a choice but a must-do while driving on the road so you can reach your destination safely. You should learn what rules you have to follow once you are out of the Australian capital. This should be done just in case there are other rules to be followed different than those used while in Canberra.

3. Carry a road safety kit
You should always have a safety kit in your vehicle just in case of any emergency, and especially when you are going for a long drive. Something can happen instantly which may need immediate attention, such as getting a flat tire, the car breaking down or even getting stuck in a snow storm. Your safety kit should have tools such as a tire iron and a jack. A blanket or a sleeping bag should be included, too, just in case your vehicle breaks down in cold weather. Make sure you also have a cell phone.

4. Take a rest
Just in case you are travelling alone on this long journey, you should get yourself some time to stop and have a rest. It’s good to stretch your muscles after you have been sitting for a long time. It is very easy to get dizzy if you are driving when tired and you probably will go off the road. If you are tired, a short rest will relax the body.

5. Make a stop for a meal
It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced driver; never try eating while you are driving. This will shift your concentration from the road to the food and a slight mistake may cause an accident. If you feel hungry it is just easier to pull over and grab something to eat. Remember not to drive on an empty just to get to your destination sooner.

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