Courage Is Not The Absence of Fear But Charging Forward in Spite of It


Courage is a necessity of life if you are truly to move forward from where you are to where you want to be.

Most people do not do anything until they experience pain. These people are what I call “move away from pain” people. But it takes true courage to be a “move towards pleasure” type of person.

The irony is when you try moving away from pain you seem to experience more pain and when you move towards pleasure you seem to attract more pleasure. The former is moving because you have to and the latter is moving because you choose to.

It takes great courage to decide to move towards more pleasure because usually you are comfortable with your life. You do not want to risk this comfort to obtain other important things you want in your life. But this is the road to fulfilling your dreams.

The road less traveled is one where, if you possess the right knowledge, preparation, faith, and mind power, you will acquire more happiness than you ever can imagine.

Back in Tasmania, Australia when I first implemented the knowledge I obtained over the years, I achieved all of my goals. I was very happy with my life except I was feeling a little uneasy and I did not know why.

I had a job, friends, good health, family, I was helping the community, and I had a good sense of self worth. I kept asking and searching for the awareness that would provide me with the answer I was seeking. Then I had what I call a BFO: “Blinding Flash of the Obvious.” Why was I living in Tasmania when I could be living in Melbourne?

I made a list of the reasons why I should stay and the reasons I should go. I found out I would be even happier than I was in Tasmania if I chose to move to Melbourne, even though I was not in any pain where I was.

For starters, I would not have to travel back and forth to see my family all the time. Moving would enable me to be closer to them.

I worked out that if I obtained another job in Melbourne, I easily could visit my friends instead of visiting my family. The journey just would be the other way around. I still would have my good health. I would be able to help a different community. I still would have my self worth and, as a bonus, I might even meet the woman of my dreams.

I listened to my intuition and it made me feel good and excited. That always is an indication it is the right decision to make and so that is what I did.

I began the process and preparation to permanently move back to where I grew up, Melbourne. Everyone I knew could not understand why I was leaving because I had no reason to leave Tasmania (moving away from pain) but I did have a reason to move back to Melbourne (moving towards more pleasure).

It was amazing to see the universe in action. When you move and act upon your purpose and what makes you feel good, the universe joins in. Everything just seemed to fall into place.

The right people showed up when I wanted to sell my old third-hand furniture. In fact, a couple who recently got married and still were living with their parents (unheard of these days) were looking for a complete set of furnishings for their unfurnished unit.

They purchased all of my contents. And get this, when I asked when they would like to pick up everything, it was the same day I had to move out. I did not even have to pack up and remove my contents as they did that for me. It reinforced to me that I had made the right choice. The universe’s path and mine were one.

The three-month preparation was challenging. I had to make arrangements that seemed impossible to achieve. But, I believed these arrangements were possible and, in the end, all worked out better than I could have imagined. I obtained a much better career; I found a much better place and lived five minutes away from my family.

My health was still excellent, new community work showed up, new close friendships developed quickly and I soon found the love of my life. I am proud to say we still are very happy four years into our relationship. So, have the courage to move towards pleasure and not move away from pain and you will reap the rewards.

Someone once told me knowledge is useless unless it is applied. So, don’t waste your time on acquiring knowledge if you don’t intend to apply it to your life.

I have met quite a few people in my life who are very smart and wise when they’re in conversation. However, ask them if they have implemented anything they have suggested and they will tell you, “No,” with a smile on their face. Anyone can be so quick to give you advice even though they have not been successful in their own life. I suggest you be very careful to whom you are listening as you might get the same results in life as your advisor.

Therefore, seek the person who already is successful at what you want in your life and do the same thing. Why “re-invent the wheel,” as they say? If you want to be a successful dancer, seek to be taught by a successful dancer.

If you want to have balance in your life, then seek a person who has been proven to have balance. The same goes for wealth, relationships, career, health, etc.

Think about it. If no one could take something away from you, no matter how much they tried, how powerful would you feel?

For me, it makes me feel mighty powerful. You could acquire an abundance of money but circumstances happen and it can be taken away from you. You could find love and it also can be taken away from you. You could have friends and they can be taken away from you.

You could have property and then it’s gone. Anything on the physical plane has the potential for someone to take it away from you, but knowledge they cannot. And if you have the right knowledge, you will almost always certainly know how to get back what you have lost. How powerful is that?

I have heard of self-made millionaires who lose fortunes and, in no time, get them back. I also have heard of paupers who win Tattslotto, gaining instant financial freedom, only to lose it all and then some in just a few years’ time. The difference between the two is one had the knowledge to acquire financial freedom and the other received it by chance.

What if the knowledgeable person lost their fortune? How would they feel? Then think about the Tattslotto winner. How they would feel? One would be inconvenienced and the other would be destroyed. I know which one would make me feel happier, do you? Apply a similar example with any area of your life and see how you feel with the answer.

If you feel uneasy and you are undecided about what to do in anything in your life, it means you do not have enough information (or the right information) to make a calculated, low-risk decision. So, go and get more information on the subject until you begin to feel at ease and comfortable again. Try it and see how you feel. I have found it to be a lifesaver.

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