5 Most Important Supplements

If a reality-TV crew filmed your supplement stash, would the episode be called “Dusty Old Bottles”? Or maybe “Cupboard Chaos”? If you’re among the group of adults who take a multivitamin, or the half who’ve given up in confusion, here’s relief. Just follow Dr. Mike’s simple “Fab 5” strategy, which has practically become his trademark at Cleveland Clinic’s Wellness Institute, where he works.

A multi. It’s a nutritional insurance policy. Pick one with the recommended daily intake for most nutrients. (You can’t fit 100% of everything in one pill; it would be too large to swallow.) For 24-hour coverage, take half in the morning, half in early evening.

Vitamin D3. It’s the most active form of D; it fights colds, heart disease, arthritis, some cancers and more. Take 1,000 international units; 1,200 after age 60.

DHA omega-3s from algae. This type of omega-3 seems best for your brain; arteries, too. DHA deters memory and vision loss, heart attacks, stroke, impotence, even wrinkles. Not shabby! Aim for at least 600 milligrams (mg) a day (we both take 900 mg).

A calcium /magnesium combo. Bone-friendly calcium can cut your fracture risk by 50%. Get 600 mg of calcium from food daily; take another 600 mg with 400 mg of magnesium daily, to keep calcium from constipating you!

A probiotic. Replenishing your good intestinal bugs eases inflammation, infections, and digestion. Aim for 2 billion cells per dose in spore form, which will survive stomach acids.

Source: http://www.realage.com/

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