Swimming Your Way To Good Health

11 Reasons Why Swimming Is A Way to Good Health

Swimming is a great workout. It is extremely beneficial for the body and it also relaxes and de-stresses the mind of the person. Swimming is a favored sport during the summer season as it helps one to burn a lot of calories while providing relief from the scorching heat of the season. Swimming is one sport which is learned and practiced all across the world. Swimming provides a great cardio workout, the benefits are similar to the ones you get from running. It also helps with weight training and immense strength building. The benefits of swimming are really comprehensive. The best part is that this is one sport that kids and adults indulge willingly in the summer season. Even pregnant women can indulge in mild swimming sessions. The benefits of swimming are amazing, let’s know more about them:

1. Good for heart

Swimming helps in controlling cholesterol[1] levels and regulating the blood pressure[2] of a person. Proper blood pressure and cholesterol levels are important for the well being of the heart.

2. Good for lungs

Swimming is extremely beneficial for the health of the lungs. Swimming helps in reducing the risk of heart attacks, diabetes as well as stroke.

3. Helps in weight loss and improve flexibility

Swimming helps in improving the flexibility of the bone joints and it greatly enhances your stamina for strenuous physical activities. Swimming is extremely beneficial for those trying to lose weight. Swimming every day will make your body more flexible and your joints stronger.

4. Improves weight carrying strength

Swimming is a great sport for those who face difficulty while carrying heavy weights and doing activities which require physical strength. This happens because the body weight is reduced to 1/10 of your weight while you are in the water.

5. Good for pregnant[3] women

Swimming is a healthy sport for pregnant women. Doing mild swimming sessions every day is good for the health of the women.

6. Positive effect on bone-related problems

Swimming is beneficial for those suffering from arthritis and back pain. However, you must consult your doctor before participating in swimming sessions. Those suffering from back pain, arthritis[4] and disabilities, who are unable to participate in a regular workout, can take up swimming.

7. Reduces the risk of injuries

Swimming greatly reduces your chances of getting injured by most physical activities. Swimming makes your body strong and flexible which is helpful in keeping your body free from injuries. You can enjoy many strenuous exercises with fewer chances of facing an injury.

8. Makes you strong

Regular swimming sessions increase endurance, improve the strength of your muscles as well as improve the cardiovascular functioning of a person.

9. Great warm up and cool down exercise

Swimming is a great exercise for warming up before any strenuous workout. However, you can also indulge in a small swimming session to relax your body after the workout is over.

10. A complete exercise

Swimming is helpful in exercising all parts or muscles of the body in a single session. However, swimming is best for those who wish to tone the muscles in the arms and legs.

11. Stress relief

Swimming has a calming effect on the mind of a person as well as the body. Swimming helps in regulating the breath and improves blood circulation which is great for relaxing the mind.


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