5 Backyard Ideas for The Perfect Sanctuary

backyard ideas

Our backyards are our havens. They are a place we can go after a long day to relax, recharge our batteries and connect with nature. For some, this space may include a hot tub or swimming pool that creates a space that can both soothe and entertain.

As you evaluate your backyard space and consider the various options you have to construct the ideal space for you and your lifestyle, look for ways to optimize that space. Regardless of how big or small your backyard is, many ideas and options out there will allow you to use that space to its full potential.

To get you started, here are five backyard design ideas to include in your outdoor landscape:

1. Zen garden.

When it comes to finding a sanctuary in your own backyard, one popular garden design is the Zen garden. This type of garden incorporates smooth lines, feng shui and other natural elements to create a warm, peaceful space.

2. Lighting design.

Architectural lighting is an excellent way to add depth to those dark corners, highlight focal points and provide a safety feature around your backyard. As you explore the various lighting options, yes, there are a lot out there. Remember to consider the space and find which options work best for bringing out the various areas of your backyard.

3. Classical elements.

Have some fun with your outdoor space by incorporating the four classical elements (wind, fire, earth and water) into your design. Not only do these elements add a soothing feel to your yard, but they are an excellent way to involve all the senses. As you begin integrating some of these elements into your backyard, remember to have some fun with what you can do. Some ideas to get you started include adding tiki lamps (fire) around your patio area, hanging wind chimes (wind) or a installing a fountain (water) to enhance the space.

4. Natural setting.

A fun idea when creating your ideal backyard space is embracing the natural beauty all around you. Build a deck around trees and pull in Mother Nature to help you create a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but allows you to be creative.

5. Embrace your view.

If you live in an area with a stunning view, why not create a landscape to reflect and highlight it? Many people include hot tubs and swimming pools into this space to allow for a night of relaxation and enjoyment while overlooking the city lights or majestic mountains. Plan your outdoor landscape in a way that complements the area and is a place you feel comfortable in so you can relax after a long day.

Remember to have fun with your outdoor landscape design. If it doesn’t flow or doesn’t speak to you, you’re not going to want to spend time there. Grab some more great ideas from Bullfrog Spas’ article, 63 Incredible Ideas for Your Perfect Hot Tub Deck.

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