5 Foods that Fix Bad Breath

(BeWellBuzz) Ever faced bad breath problems? What do you do to get rid of foul smell from your mouth? Is there a permanent solution to keeping your mouth fresh?

There are two most common reasons for bad breath:

  • Eating sulfur containing foods: Generally, bad breath is caused by the foods that contain sulfur compounds. Sulfur is present in many foods such as cabbage, garlic and onions.

Sulfur rich foods do not directly produce bad breath. When the sulfur compounds in your food are digested, they are absorbed in your blood and reach the lungs. From the lungs, the smell is induced into the breath leaving a bad breath. Not only the breath, the sulfur compounds also come out of the body through sweat and urine and your body starts smelling really bad.

  • Sleeping without brushing teeth: Bad breath is also caused if you sleep without brushing your teeth. The reason is simple, when you sleep, the food present in your mouth becomes toxic which in turn creates bad breath.

The worst part is – if you do not clean your teeth in the morning, you will see that no one will wish to sit beside you.

In order to avoid bad breath, many people like keep mouth fresheners in their pockets and use them throughout the day.  Some people even carry toothbrush and toothpaste and run to a wash room to clean their mouths from time to time during the day. However, if the smell is too bad, then brushing regularly also may not work. In fact, it may take up to 24hrs to get rid of severe bad breath problems.

How to Fix Bad Breath Quickly?

If you face bad breath problems, do not worry as there are many ways to fix the bad breath. One of the easiest methods is to consume breath-busting foods.

Here are the top 5 foods that can fix your bad breath:

1. Citrus or Lemon

All citrus and lemon family fruits are good to kill the bad breath. You can use these in many forms. At home, you can use these any way you like. However, when sitting in a gathering or in a restaurant, you may want to order citrus juice or sprinkle few drops of lemon on your food.

2. Parsley and Green Garnishes

Chew on parsley sprigs as they produce nice mouth freshening and pleasant feeling in the mouth. When you eat food after chewing the sprigs, the bad effect of sulfur containing foods is reduced to a minimal level.

Often when you go to good restaurants, you will find parsley and green garnishes being served along with the sulfur containing foods. Many experienced cooks know the importance and use of parsley along with sulfur rich foods.

3. Crunchy spices

This is a bit difficult to consume for some people. Those people who have acidity problem should not use this as a breath buster.

When you go to a grocery store, buy some crunchy spices such as cardamom, fennel seeds or coriander, etc. and while sitting at the dining table before you start eating, put some grains or very small pieces of these spices in your mouth and start chewing. The enzymes released from these spices will keep your mouth fresh and will remove all sorts of bad smells.

Remember; do not use these spices if you have some acidity problem or if you do not like spices.

4. Cinnamon sticks

Cinnamon is a spice which has a very delicious flavor and when chewed, its oil kills the type of bacteria that causes bad breath. Cinnamon also acts against those germs which cause dental cavity.

 5. Yogurt & Vitamin C Rich Fruits

There is an old Asian saying, “if you eat yogurt daily for your whole life, you will never fall sick”. Yogurt has many benefits as it keeps your bones strong by providing necessary calcium and it acts against hydrogen sulfide, which is also responsible for creating bad breath. The fruits having high quantity of Vitamin C also fight the bad smell bacteria in your mouth. So, mix these fruits with yogurt and enjoy body and mouth freshness.

Bad Breath vs. Daily Dose of Freshness – The Choice is Yours!

There are many other foods which can fight against the bad breath causing foods and keep your mouth fresh. You have to decide which food is best for you and/or suit you for different occasions.

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