5 Of The Best Hot Tub Accessories

hot tub accessories

Nothing says rest and relaxation quite like the bubbling waters of a hot tub. Whether you’re a current hot tub owner who frequently enjoys all the benefits these personal spas have to offer or are planning to add a hot tub to your repertoire of luxury essentials, these 5 innovative accessories are sure to add elements of comfort, usability, privacy, safety, and entertainment to your hot tub experience.

1. Privacy Screens

There’s nothing that spoils a relaxing or intimate hot tub moment quite like having your neighbor’s step onto their back porch for a quick bedtime chat. Thankfully, there are several different varieties of privacy screens that can help you keep your quiet time to yourself.

  • Folding vinyl screens are both easy to put up and affordable if you’re on a budget. They also come in a slew of different colors and designs so you can pick and choose the style you want.
  • Fancy and functional privacy shields pair comfort and convenience with safety and intimacy. These completely automated gazebos use durable materials that withstand any climate and add even more insulation to your tub.
  • Privacy decking transforms your hot tub area into a private sanctuary with beautiful wooden fencing. Whether you want something chic and simple, or extravagant and elaborate, privacy decking can be designed to your needs.

2. Cushions and Comfort

Though modern hot tub designs are thoughtfully created to fit all types of body shapes and sizes, sometimes design elements can still fall short. Whether you’re on the shorter side of the height spectrum or find hot tub seating uncomfortable, modular spa cushions can make a world of difference. Not only can they add extra height for better alignment with jets, but they also make soaking much more comfortable. Furthermore, because these accessories are mobile, they can be used whenever and wherever you please.

3. Safety Covers and Locks

Safety is key when owning a hot tub. With a locking spa cover, you can keep your hot tub clean and energy efficient while also keeping little ones or unwanted guests out. Even though your hot tub may come with a cover, investing in one with locks will ensure that your spa is protected from threatening elements like high winds, while a key-entry system will prevent children and animals from coming in contact with the hot tub when you’re not watching.

4. Sound Systems

Sure, a nearby boom box may provide you with the music you want while relaxing in your tub, but having a built-in sound system adds a totally different element to your hot tubbing experience. Whether you’re in the mood for some relaxing soundscapes or want to get the party started with some up-tempo beats, having a sound system with Bluetooth capabilities lets you pick and choose the music you want at the touch of a button.

5. Spa Scents

Boost your hydrotherapy sessions with a variety of fragrances and specialized spa salts for a truly rewarding experience.

  • Spa crystals that blend plant extracts and essential minerals come in a variety of different scents ranging from eucalyptus and lavender to cucumber and pomegranate.
  • Mood crystals are designed to elevate your soaking experience while also enhancing your mood.
  • Spa elixirs are perfect for dry skin and offer long-lasting fragrances.
  • Therapeutic fragrances soothe aches and pains, allowing you to truly rest and relax.
  • Liquid fragrances contain antioxidants that can either give you the energy you need or the relaxation you crave.

With these ultimate hot tub accessories, you can elevate your hot tubbing experience and create the personal oasis you’ve been longing for.

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